public bullying

its about someone who used to get bullied and then she grew up and stuck up for herself but she noticed they went for other people so she had to do something but she did nothing.... it is not about me :)


3. the story continues

So later on that day i went home and changed what i looked like, i changed my hair into a emo scene and my make up into dark and my clothes well you should get the idea on what i dressed up like anyway i went out to meet my boyfriend zac and he agreed with me about changing so people would start listening to me but it didnt help at all but i finally stuck up for them and treated the three mean girls the same way as they treated everyone else, they said they would never do it again and they ended up moving schools because they're parents thought that i made a massive mistake when i never but ohwell i know what school they are going to theyre going to zac's school and i know zac wont let them bully people as zac has the same personality as me he doesnt like bullies and he doesnt like to see  people crying. Hopefully he doesnt change.


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