public bullying

its about someone who used to get bullied and then she grew up and stuck up for herself but she noticed they went for other people so she had to do something but she did nothing.... it is not about me :)


2. The story begins

So there i was standing in the middle of the school hallway while there was three mean girls(Jasmine, Georgina and Katrina) pushing people into lockers like it was nothing i wanted to stop them but i knew that i would of got pushed into a locker my self. Once they stopped everyone came running to me thinking i was going to do something but in the end i just left the hallways so the mean girls didn't see me watching George and francais getting pushed  and not stopping jasmine and georgina and katrina from pushing george and francais  into lockers as usually i stop them from doing it but this time i didnt because i always end up in bruises and cuts but ive also noticed that the girls only do it to people who dont stick up for themselves so i've tried telling them that they need to stick up to them otherwise they'll carry on but they never listened.... 




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