public bullying

its about someone who used to get bullied and then she grew up and stuck up for herself but she noticed they went for other people so she had to do something but she did nothing.... it is not about me :)


7. finally the end

it was the night zac decided that he was going to surprise me we went out for dinner only me and zac went but i wondered why but he said wait so i did but when it came to the surprise it was really a surprise there was a ring in the glass of wine but i didnt know why so i toke it out looked up and zac was kneeling down on the floor and he asked a question" danielle i love you weve been together for 5 years now and i couldnt wait any longer because you mean to much to me to lose you so danielle will you marry me?" obv i answered with"yes" so that was the surprise but i didnt know it was gonna be something like that but i love zac so i would marry him but i dont know what were gonna do bout college because we got into different colleges because were doing different courses but he said he wouldnt go if we have to be away from each other more than 4 to 5 hours as i only have to do 4 to 5 hours a day but i dont wanna go college so we both quit college and planned the wedding instead. 
The end :)

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