Stand Up

This is a poem about a girl who gets past the bullies, and past the world who doubts her, to live her long-life dream. Enjoy :)


1. Stand Up


I'm just another boy,
I'm just another person,
I'm just another human in the world,
But to many, I'm just a burden.

When I walk the streets I'm alone,
When I eat it's just me and a stool,
But I'm not sitting or passing like others,
Because I don't really walk at all.

You see, I've always been different,
For my presence comes with a chair,
I can't get up and do everyday actions,
I can't even walk up the stairs.

I've always been known as the fighter,
The one who stays strong through it all,
But no one knows how I actually cope,
You think I'm big, but I'm nothing but small.

Years of being called nothing,
Years of living with pain,
Years where no one understands my life,
The life that drives me insane.

So now I'm standing up to society,
Not literally, but it comes from the heart,
I'm telling you I'm worth something much much more,
Than your words that drove me apart.

So I'm no longer going to fall into your traps,
I'm no longer going to hold back,
I'll fight my way through till I've reached the end,
I'll make it onto that sporting track.

For years I've dreamed to be the champion,
The sporting star on the screen,
But when accidents like this cause damage to you,
You no longer see 'I' in team.

I gave up as soon as I heard the news,
I knew I couldn't ever be the one,
The one to accomplish her long life dreams,
But I'm more than my father's son.

So I sign up to something I've never done before,
Just a line between the world and I,
And I race beside those who know what it feels like,
To be lost, to be hurt, to be I.


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