The 365 presents

It was your 5 year anniversary and Luke wanted to give you 365 gifts but the last one back fires and blows up


6. you and mike

You drive around town thinking who you can go to after what Luke did to you. You couldn't go to Calum's house because he and you dated before you dated Luke and Calum didn't like to talk about you falling in love just yet so you would just text him later. Still in tears you think maybe ash or Mikey. You decide to go to Mikey's and have ash come to Mikey's and have him stay at Mikey's as long as you are so you have both of them and Luke has cal. You pull into Mikey's driveway and a familiar looking car is there to beside mike's you check the license plate and shore enough it's ASH-0190. You feel a little bit better knowing that the boys you need to lean on are already there and ready. You pound on Mikey's door still in tears. You see bright red head Mikey come to the door and sees you crying and knows exactly what to do. He pushes you inside and yells to ash to close the door and come to the living room and that you were here. "What happened? you were perfectly happy yesterday with Lu-" you cut Mickey off by saying "Luke! why Luke why!" and you cry even more "ASH! COME HERE PLEASE AND BRING 12 BOXES OF TISSUES!" Mikey yells to ash in the other room and in a matter of seconds ash was there telling Mikey he got this "(Y/N) you came here for a reason and you needed Mikey for a reason but he sucks with girls, and boys," Mikey punches ash in the arm and goes to get some food as usual. You giggle a little. "there we go! there's that smile! now, can you tell me and Mikey what happened?" Mikey came back and eating a jar of Nutella "ok I think I can talk about it now. Luke said I don't wanna date you anymore I honestly don't and I started yelling at him and than I left and came here. But I still love him so much and I need him and he is most likely taking a nap and forgot about it." ash and mike give eatch other a terrified look. "Who should tell her?" ash asked Mikey. "I will. ok umm... (Y/N) he wasn't dumping you." Mikey said with a scared look on his face. "WHAT!" You shout. Ash starts rubbing your back to calm you down " he was gonna purpose to you." Mikey said rubbing your leg. "Omg I'm a jerk I killed Luke's heart. I don't deserve Luke. IM A BITCH!" you start crying even more "I'll go talk to Luke and tell him we explained everything and she regrets everything. ash you get her to stop crying. Bye." Mikey kisses you on the check and leaves. Ash tells you jokes about Mikey and Luke and you feel ready to talk to Luke and safe in ash's arms. You are ready to marry Luke if he is.

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