The 365 presents

It was your 5 year anniversary and Luke wanted to give you 365 gifts but the last one back fires and blows up


7. you and Luke talk

Luke finally makes it back with Mikey. Luke is wearing a black hoodie closed over his face and he is hunched over and you can hear him crying. You realize how much this effected him and how much he loves you and how much he needs you. Luke sits next to you and you out of no where you just give him the biggest hug he has ever had. He hugs you back and you both cry on each other's shoulders. You both were happy that you were in each other's arms again. Whisper into Luke's ear "babe I'm so sorry I thought you were dumping me and I overreacted cuz I love you and if you still wanna be together than i want to too. l still love you so so so much and I don't wanna loose you ever Again I love you." Luke pulls away and gets down on one knee and says "I don't wanna date you I honestly don't and I don't wanna call you my girlfriend, I wanna marry you I honestly do and I wanna call you my wife so will you," he pulls back his hood so you can see his face when he asks you meanwhile ash and Mikey are watching with love in their eyes. "(Y/F N Y/L N) will you become mrs. (Y/N) Hemmings and marry me?" you scream yes and Luke carries you to your car that's filled with your bags and he drives back to his house and he says on the way "we are going to the home you are living in with me from now on mrs. Hemmings." "ok mr. Hemmings I love you!" "I love you mrs. Hemmings." and you too go into the house and you guys start unpacking your stuff. When Luke remembers about something. Luke hands you the voodoo doll you dropped on the way out , the voodoo doll that it all started with.

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