The 365 presents

It was your 5 year anniversary and Luke wanted to give you 365 gifts but the last one back fires and blows up


5. the last 100

It was the last day of Luke's gifts. You kinda didn't want it to end. To your surprise Luke was there when you woke up. He was sitting at the end of the bed surrounded with gold jewelry. "ok babe this is the end of the gifts and the reason I did this will shock you and it will change our lives forever." Luke said after you looked at the jewelry "umm luke I counted 99." "I have one and I'm going to give it to you right now I can just give it to you plainly. Okay baby we have been dating for five years The most magical years of my life and I just I don't want to date you anymore I just don't," you felt your heart shader The The man who you loved just broke your heart "your braking up with me! after all this! After all I've done for you! after I gave you a $40,000 guitar that you wanted ever since Christmas and that i worked 24 hour shifts to get for you and you do this! NO! I WONT TAKE IT! YOU DONT DESERVE ME!," you pick up his guitar that you gave him 5 days ago "AND YOU DEFINITELY DONT DESERVE THIS NOW! NOW ITS MINE AND YOU CAN TAKE EVERYTHING YOU GAVE ME CUZ I DONT WANT IT ANYMORE! YOU KNOW LUKE I ACTUALLY THOGHT YOU WERE A KEEPER AND AFTER I GAVE YOU LITERALLY EVERYTHING I EVER OWNED! I LOST A LOT OF STUFF LUKE AND YOU TOOK SOME OF THAT! I REALY LOVED YOU LUKE AND I MEAN I REALY LOVED YOU! WHENEVER I STARED AT THOSE BLUE EYES I SAW MY FUTURE WITH YOU! WE HAD 4 KIDS TWO GIRLS AND TWO BOYS AND ME HELD TIGHT AGENST YOUR HIP! YOU KNOW WHAT ILL JUST GO TO MICHAEL'S PLACE YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT ME! UNLIKE YOU LUKE HEMMINGS YOU ARE JUST REVOLTING LUKE!," you grabbed your suitcase that you have been living out of for a month because you were thinking about moving in with Luke but not anymore. Luke started to cry and had and shocked look on his face. You had the guitar you gave Luke 5 days earlier strapped to the front of you. "Goodbye Lucas, forever." you said slamming the door dropping the one thing that reminded you of Luke, the voodoo doll he gave you on the first day. and with that Luke was dead to you and to him on the inside.

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