The 365 presents

It was your 5 year anniversary and Luke wanted to give you 365 gifts but the last one back fires and blows up


4. gift total 265

You woke up tucked into the couch and of course Luke wasn't with you when you woke up. You went to the bathroom to find Luke sitting on the edge of the bathtub surrounded by expensive make up "surprise now get ready we are going fancy all day. And i mean fancy like I have to wear my tux in order to get in so hurry we are gonna be late!" Luke said kissing you on the cheek before leaving you in the bath room to get ready. You make your hair wavy, you put on a short red strapless dress witch was Luke's favorite dress of yours and you managed to get a perfect smokey eye in just 10 mins! you step out of the bathroom to find Luke standing right outside of the bathroom door Luke's eyes widened when he saw you "wow you look even more stunning than before! you look so so," you cut Luke off by saying "I look so what just say it." "so sexy! like wow sexy oh my god!" Luke said starting to blush "what time is our reservation?" you say quite fast. "10:35 why?" Luke says tilting his head to the side because he knew you thought it was cute when he did that. "What time is it?" you said to Luke still quite fast. "It's 8:35 now I'm gonna ask again why?" Luke said tilting his head again. "We have one hour and don't mess up the hair ok this took 5 mins!" You said dragging Luke to the bedroom. You and Luke were pretty good at quickys he knew not to make it to serious and you knew not to make it to serious. You two had "fun" till about 9:35 you and Luke came back down to the living room. Luke was buttoning his tux pants and you were pulling your dress up "good job." you said to Luke as he giggled "not bad yourself." Luke said to you as you both giggled. You were scared to look at the state of your hair. All you had to do was brush it and it was fine. You and Luke left with out a trace of what you to just did.

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