The 365 presents

It was your 5 year anniversary and Luke wanted to give you 365 gifts but the last one back fires and blows up


1. gift 1

It was Luke and your five year anniversary. You and him were exchanging gifts. You gave Luke a new lip ring and a new guitar that said on the back "to my talented handsome punk rock boyfriend Luke. Love, (Y/N)." You wrote it in silver sharpie on the back of the black guitar. Luke played voodoo doll for you on his new guitar and gave you a box covered in rags. "Open it! "Luke Said pushing the box into your hands. You ripped open the box to find a Luke Hemmings voodoo doll inside on the back it said "to my one and only voodoo doll love, Luke" it was so in a beautiful elegant Blue stitching. "Luke I love it!" You said hugging Luke. "Well that's not the only thing I'm giving you there are still 364 more gifts I need to give you!" Luke said. "Babe you don't have to give me that much stuff! "You said you punching him in the arm. "Yes I do my love is only the beginning on how much I feel for you. I love you so so so much." Luke said give you a huge kiss. "Now let's just go cuddle on the couch." You said dragging Luke to the couch.

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