My Not So Beach Life

Anna is a girl who is not exactly that teen beach girl, her life sucks sometimes too. Her Mother never cared about her at all, all she cared about was going out to her boyfriends house, but now he's hear will some things change? Maybe they will change all of their lives forever. Her Story tells us about her life at home, her relationship with James and her fantastic friendship with Lucy. Maybe things will NOT go her way. Sit and read the fanstically fabulous fiction story about Anna Weston.


1. Mystery Mitch

Mystery Mitch


Beautiful sunsets whilst taking strolls on the beach and endless parties with a lit fire... Nope, none of that. My life ain't so glamorous, even though it may seem that way, since I live on the beach, in a... well, gorgeous home if I don't say so myself. My best-friend Lucy says I'm perfect. Perfect home, perfect life, perfect looks, perfect everything. It is really not that simple at all, I thought she would know everything about my life after spending most the past 9 years with me. I do enjoy the company of the ocean outside of my window though, it is a pain-relief to all my troubles. 

"Don't you just think its beautiful. You know, out there." I said to my best-friend whilst we stood on the bottom balcony in our red polka dot bikinis. We paused for a moment as Lucy thought for a moment. "Yeah..." She paused again. "I mean there are no say really, because it is just so amazing but, I'm just mad I can't live so close to the beach." I rolled my eyes, "Yes, I know. But I don't chose to live in luxury. It's my dumb blonde of a Mother!" "Her mystery boyfriend more like." Lucy added. "Pfffft." I went. "Yeah, well she's saying she's marrying him and I don't know who the hell he is!" A silence filled the sea air before Lucy decided to speak. "You know, that is kinda unfair." I knew that it was, and it did hurt. My Mum just didn't care about me, she didn't care one bit, well she does seem to care about buying me clothes, beauty products and the latest phones and stuff, Anything that will keep me out of her way really, I know I am 16 now, but I'd love to bond for once. It kills to know she doesn't even want to spend time with me, like right now, she has been gone for a full day to go and see her mystery man who lives (according to Mum) in O'Bay Beach in Bearthsale. I find it a little strange that he lives on the beach too but in a different city. We live in Sealdon Bay, a town near the sea. Lucy lives near the sea too but at the other side of town, but me... I might as well be on the sand. 

"Let's go in the pool." I said simply and turned around and jumped in. Lucy came too. We spent the hour in there, until my Mother turned up in her classic tight black and leopard print dress with her black heals clicking away on the tiled platform. She didn't say a word until she stopped at the other side of the pool. "Ann" She said, in a quite voice. "Mum." I said blandly, tilting my head back floating like a starfish. "Anna?" She said a little louder now. "Mum!" I shouted back. "I'm home." She said, her mouth smirking under her red lipstick. Before we could say a word she began to talk again. "I wanted to talk to you about Mitch, well yeah he said he was in love with me and wanted to come live here in our lovely home!" She said, without breath. Now I was looking at her with great confusion, as she was clapping and saying "Isn't it exciting?" I quickly got out of my starfish pose. Lucy seemed a little shocked too, I just gave her a look to say 'You should go' and she got out and went to get a towel. "Mum! Who the hell is Mitch?!" "Mitch is my boyfriend. Don't play silly Ann you know it annoys me." She said buffing up her hair. "Well take it that he's your boyfriend then..." 
"Yes. I love him, he loves me and he's coming to live here! It was so horrible me having to go back and forth leaving you, we just couldn't bond!" WHAT?!!? BOND?!!?... BOND?!!?!? THE ONLY TIME SHE TALKS TO ME IS WHEN SHE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT HER!!! 
I said nothing. 

"He can't wait to meet you, and awe, I told him how beautiful you are and... Its just so exciting!" She went on squealing, and when I still said nothing she went clicking away again. I couldn't believe she was actually bringing someone to live with us I didn't even know? Does she have a brain? I didn't believe it one bit actually. Maybe it was just one of her things when she comes up with a 'great' ideas and it never happens anyway. 


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