The Recovery

~Sequel to The Accident~
Though a sequel, you do not necessarily need to read The Accident first to understand this story;
Clodagh, years after her brother and step sisters suicide, is still struggling to move on. To help with her therapy, she delves into the past and uncovers horrifying truths about her family.
In the midst of her investigation, she meets someone almost as broken as she is. But what if family history repeats itself? And is she even ready to bring her walls down and let anyone in?


15. note

Hey guys!

Long time no see, I know, but I've the most busy but amazing time in my life! I got to travel and really work on my anxiety. I'm going into my final year which means lots of exams. I feel I won't have time to really dedicate myself to a story, but I started a blog, which I write small things on every two days. I'm putting my first short excerpt of a story on tonight.

If you enjoy my writing, please take a look at my blog. I really miss writing on here, but want to keep writing, so I feel shorter entries on a blog are the best way to go.

See you there,

Aoife x

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