The Recovery

~Sequel to The Accident~
Though a sequel, you do not necessarily need to read The Accident first to understand this story;
Clodagh, years after her brother and step sisters suicide, is still struggling to move on. To help with her therapy, she delves into the past and uncovers horrifying truths about her family.
In the midst of her investigation, she meets someone almost as broken as she is. But what if family history repeats itself? And is she even ready to bring her walls down and let anyone in?


7. Chapter 5

A toothy grin spread across his face. He looked weirdly exotic, even though his skin was paler than most. His hair had obviously gone through some styling for it to be stood up in a small wave, its colour matching his chocolate brown eyes.

I stared coldly into his eyes. This is where lack of trust comes into play.

"Please? I'll feel guilty if you don't let me" he insisted, thrusting his paw like hand towards mine. I bit the flesh of my cheek, knowing that I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that he felt bad, but not really wanting him near me.

"If I can get some tea, I'll go" I sighed.

"Jesus, and leave me hanging" he scowled, snatching back his hand. I was taken aback, but then he smirked to himself, as if he was overreacting on purpose.

"C'mon, lets go" he said perkily.


I sat at a small table waiting for... John? Jack? Whatever his name was, to come back.

A tray was suddenly set down in front of me. I looked up to see him, and slowly retracted my hands from the table and onto my lap.

"You're very jumpy" he noticed, after my hands spasmed when he moved barely an inched.

"Anxiety" I muttered.

"Ah" he nodded. "Fair enough then."

"What do you want me for, anyway?" I asked, tracing the rim of my cup.

I was both highly curious and sceptical.

"I've seen you around school. Thought you looked interesting" he shrugged.

I frowned at him.

"What?" he laughed.

"Doesn't sound realistic."

"Why not?"

I looked at him in impatience.

"You seem stubborn. I'll tell you then."

I rolled my eyes.

"See? A girl with an attitude, always a copy of Romeo and Juliet"

I cringed.

"Which signals a want for romance-"

"I don't-

"Let me finish!" he chuckled. "Which signals a want for romance, even though you act like an antisocial little shit"


"And is pretty damn hot."

I looked at him in disbelief.

He grinned again.

"Don't tell me you don't get told that all the time?"

I was scared. I was anxious, but with a weird additive. It was a delicious nervousness.

No.. No, I can't do this.

I tried to brush it off, make a joke of it instead.

"I would've been more impressed if you had told me you were batman."

His smile transformed into a smoulder as he leaned slowly across the table. I studied his face as it was abnormally close to mine. His front tooth was slightly crooked, and a small scar settled on top of his lip.

"I can be anything you want me to" he said sexily, raising his eyebrows.

I let out a giggle.

"Ah, the misery girl cracked a grin!" He seemed overly proud of himself.

"Did you know" he then continued, "it only takes three seconds to fall in love?"

I felt my face go sour.

"You don't believe in that crap, do you?"

"Nah" he chuckled, shaking his head.

"Nearly as shitty as Romeo and Juliet" I murmured.


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