The Recovery

~Sequel to The Accident~
Though a sequel, you do not necessarily need to read The Accident first to understand this story;
Clodagh, years after her brother and step sisters suicide, is still struggling to move on. To help with her therapy, she delves into the past and uncovers horrifying truths about her family.
In the midst of her investigation, she meets someone almost as broken as she is. But what if family history repeats itself? And is she even ready to bring her walls down and let anyone in?


2. Chapter 1

Sorry for a short chapter, I've had a busy week xD I'll try upload a longer chapter tonight :)

Also, swearing warning


~~Someone rapped anxiously at the door.
"Clodagh, can you get that?" Louise called from within her her bedroom.
"Sure" I sighed. I pulled myself over to the door and tugged it open.
My heart sank and my anger rose.
"What the hell are you here for?" I snapped.
"I was dragged here to see you" Lacey shrugged. I scowled.
"Go home!"
"We wanted to see if you wanted to come have a coffee" James said, monotoned, going to touch my arm.
"Stay away from me, James!" I snarled. His eyes half filled with sadness, which just pissed me off even more.
"I'm your father" he said, with some form undeserved authority.
"And is that supposed to mean something?" I coldly asked.
"Don't call me James" he bluntly instructed.
I growled, but tried not to lose it. They weren't worth it. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to close the door when I heard Laceys voice.
"You can't blame us for what Hugo and Emilys decision, Clodagh."
I angrily flung the door back open, its hinges dangerously creaking under the strain.
"You bitch, take some responsibility!" I spat.
She looked at me in a manner as if she was teasing me. I have never had such an intense hatred for anyone.
"They killed themselves because of you!" I felt my eyes fill with hot, angry tears. "Don't you understand the enormity of that?!"
"Don't be nasty to your sister" James sighed.
"Sister" I scoffed. "Only by blood. Filthy, poisoned blood. You took away my real sister and brother."
"You barely knew Emily, and you weren't even related to Hugo. Get over yourself."
I felt my nostrils flare.
"Go fuck yourself."
I slammed the door shut.
I wanted to scream, kick the walls and tear the curtains down.
But it wasn't enough. I buried my anger as best as I could.
My aunt came out her bedroom with a towel in her hands, wiping away at her wet hair.
"Who was it?" she asked.
"Nobodies" I muttered. She frowned.
"Was.. Was that Lacey and James?"
I didn't reply, but proceeded to go and get a piece of bread.
"Again already? That's not like them" she continued.
"Yeah... Let's hope it doesn't happen again."
She heavily breathed.
"I told your mother plenty of times that he was no good."
"Love blinds!" I retorted defensively.
"It makes you blind, but not deaf" she responded, raising her eyebrows.
I guess she had a mixed up point.
I felt my face screw up in confusion. Why was I even defending her? You have to be a complete idiot to fall and stay in love with James.

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