Lost Memories

Tris was shot 8 times and was in a coma for almost a year. Tobias is with Lauren. Tris wakes up and has amnesia. What else could happen. Read and find out. Some people are dead like will and her parents but some aren't like Uriah and Tori. All characters belong to Veronica Roth. We do not own anything


1. Allegiant Alternate Ending: Things Get Messy


I wake to a handsome face but I can't place it.

"How are you feeling?"

I'm startled by the sudden voice. I didn't notice his face was that close to mine and I blush shyly. Examining him, he has chiseled features, brown eyes and short, dark wavy hair.

"I'm fine but a little disoriented." I say shakily

Distracted, I didn't even realize my surroundings. Everything is so unfamiliar. I try to think of what happened but all I can remember is my name.


All I can see is beautiful eyes. He notices that I'm staring and self consciously moves away.

"Where am I?"

"The ICU. You're in Chicago", He says and a frown registers on his face."When you arrived you had eight gun shot wounds but the doctors managed to stop the bleeding. Then you when into a coma and didn't respond for many months but you eventually started to come alive again. I've been volunteering here for eleven months and I haven't seen as much progress as you."

"Wow really?" I ask surprised

"Yes". He then turned on his heel and walked across the room and started writing on a clipboard.

Soon I get lost in my thoughts and started trying to remember where I live, and if I have any family I didn't realize it but I was staring right at the volunteer I also didn't realize but he had also been saying my name for at least a minute now.

"Tris, Tris are you okay?"

"Yes" I reply "I was just thinking."

"Oh really?" He says with a smirk. "Don't hurt yourself." An awkward silence fell over the room.

"Why can't I remember anything?"

"Because you were in a coma for so long that you have amnesia."

"Amnesia?" I ask worried.

"Yes, I'm not sure when I could wear off. It could be a few days, weeks, or even months." His voice gentle but deep.

Why am I so distracted? I should be worried about my situation but all I am worried about is him. He seems so familiar . I just can't place him!

"Have we met before ." I ask curiously

"No, I don't think so, I have only met you today."

I suddenly have a sharp pain in my side and I wince silently. I now feel awful and the guy must be watching me because he notices.

"I will alert the doctors." He says frowning."They expected you to be in pain. You haven't moved around in a while, so your muscles must be sore."

He quietly goes to leave the room. I don't want him to leave. I NEED TO FIND OUT WHO HE IS! My mind screams at me.

"Wait, I never asked your name, you never told me."

"Oh sorry" he says smiling kindly. "I'm Peter". He suddenly leaves out of the room quickly and alerts the nurses that I woke up.



"Wake up sweetie." Lauren says in a calm and soft voice.

"Five more minutes babe!" I grumble.

"We have to go now. It's 10:00 and breakfast ends at 11:00"

I groan and pull myself out. I give Lauren I quick kiss on the cheek, she smiles while I walk to the bathroom to take my shower. The hot water relaxes my headache from last nights party. Damn you Zeke! I think to myself. He is always dragging me to his wild parties, leaving me and Lauren alone while he gets drunk.

I quickly step out of the shower and wrap a towel around me. I notice Lauren is staring at me blushing. I walk over and hug her tightly while kissing her on the forehead.

"Meet you in dinning hall I'll leave you to get dressed." She says as she's walking out.

I pull on my typical outfit, black shirt and jeans. Then I suddenly spot the words on my wall "FEAR GOD ALONE" and think of tris


Hey guys that was the first two chapters of my friend Hannah and I's fanfiction. We will update in a day or so. And please send cover ideas!!



As I'm walking to the dinning hall Zeke runs up behind me, nearly knocking me to the floor."Man! That was a great party last night Four!" He says happily.

"I guess, if you consider a bunch of drunk, sweaty people crammed in a small space , then yeah I had the time of my life." I say a little too harshly. I'm a little distracted today. It's Tris's birthday. WAIT! Stop I can't be thinking about her, I will just get depressed. Besides I'm with Lauren and I'm happy. Am I? YES,! I am, I really need to stop overthinking.

I walk in to the dinning hall. My eyes scan the room and they labs on Lauren. She's sitting with Uriah, Zeke, and Shauna. I slide into the seat next to her. Greeting her with a kiss.

"Did you hear?" Uriah asks.

"Hear what?" I respond a little confused.

"Remember the girl that was in a coma after the war and no one knew her name?" Zeke blurts out.

"Oh yeah." I say suddenly remembering some of the nurses talking about it.

"Well she's finally awake!" Lauren announces.

"That's good I guess." I never really pay attention to the news. All I surpress is bad news and I've had enough of that in my life already.

"Tobias are you okay?, you looked distraught." Lauren says concerned.

"I'm fine." I say quickly flashing half of a fake smile. The reality is though, I'm not fine. All I think of is Tris. I see her everywhere. We are using the Dauntless compound still so, memories if her always arise.

I try to shove some toast into my system so the others don't realize something's wrong. Lauren and Zeke are having a surprisingly amusing argument about pancakes vs. waffles.

"Waffles are disgusting! They are just a knock off pancake with a pattern." Lauren comments.

"Only PANSYCAKES eat pancakes!" Zeke says.and the whole group burst into contagious laughs. That's my Zeke, I think to myself. Always making me feel better.

"Okay, okay , you got me there!" Lauren says with a grin.

"That's what I thought." Zeke says crossing his arms over his chest and giving a hilarious intimidating look, but he doesn't keep it long and the group starts laughing again but I'm so distracted that I'm barely even laughing.

I glance at my watch and notice I'm late for work.

I get up from the table, kiss Lauren gently on the mouth and walk out unannounced.

I walk through the halls silently and notice the Pit. Memories flash through my mind of Tris and training her. I remember watching her attentively, secretly liking her. Wanting her to be mine. When I finally do and get comfortable, she's gone and I can't get her back.

Why do I keep thinking about her! I say to myself, get it together Tobias I say as I walk into the control room and sit down. As I watch the monitors and notice a fight breaking out. Ever since the war we keep guards around so, I call security and watch them whisk away the two fighters to let them calm down.


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The nurses seem to take forever so I eventually drift off to sleep. When I awake there is a nurse beside me pressing buttons on a machine.

"Oh you're awake!" She says happily.

Then I realize my head is pounding.

"Oww. My head" I moan

"That's normal your bran is going to be a little swollen." She replies with a calm voice.

I observe the nurse, she has long, dark hair and I can see the top of a tattoo under her shirt that looks like a hawk. I squint at her name tag. It reads "Tori".

"Do I have any family?" I ask with a child like voice to Tori

"No unfortunately not. They were killed in the war. And your brother disappeared many months ago." She says considering my feelings. I'm suddenly very disappointed. I was hoping someone was waiting by my bedside for months anticipating my awake, but no I don't have any family.

"Oh, don't worry! We will provide you with an apartment until your able to provide for yourself," she say reassuringly.

"Where will I be staying? " I ask curiously.

"In the Dauntless Compound".

"Dauntless?" I ask, the name feels familiar but I'm not to sure.

I feel like I'm an alien from a different planet. I can't remember anything about myself and it was really just starting to piss me off.

"Oh no, You mean you don't remember the factions?"she asks worried.

"No" I reply shaking my head. " Am I supposed to?" Everything about this world confuses me right now and I just want to know what all of this means.

You can see the shock spread across this ladies face abruptly.

"We didn't think that your amnesia would be this severe because of the the progress you made but I guess we were mistaken." She says sounding very disappointed.

"Well, lets get you cleaned up and off to Dauntless" she says registering a friendly smile.

"Okay." I reply. You can see that she is disappointed in me forgetting about these things they call factions but I don't even understand why! I don't think I even know this lady.



The nurse told me that Peter would be staying in the apartment next to mine so I won't get lost. I am just glad I'll have a friendly face guiding me around for a while.

As I was leaving the hospital I ran into Peter and he quickly offered to show me to my apartment. I couldn't refuse his dashing smile and quickly accepted. Why am I falling for this boy so quickly?, I ask myself quietly. I barely know him!

"So, here's your home for the next couple of weeks" says Peter extending his hand across the room in a circular motion. We had just walked into my apartment.

I observe the room attentively. The whole room smells of metal and cleaning supplies. It doesn't have much light but it still feels like home. The only things in the room are a bed, a couple of dressers, and a bathroom. It's so horribly small.

"It's very........Industrial?" I say trying to find the right words.

"Well, it's Dauntless so that seems about right!" He replies laughing slightly.

"Tori gave money to buy clothes since I don't have any .Want to come shopping with me?"

I reallly hope he does. I love his presence around me and I feel so comfortable when he is around.

"Well, I might have to think about that one" he says with a grin on his face." I'm just kidding Tris, I'll absolutely come. I think you will come to find I'm not a fashionista, though".

A smile spreads across my face and we walk to the door.


We walk silently through the halls. I can't tell where he is taking me but he is definitely taking me somewhere.

As we walk, I can tell he is observing me and every so often a smile creeps up on my face because he seems to be enjoying the view! We meet eyes and a grin flashes across him. I quickly start up a conversation, trying to stop myself from blushing.

"Where are you taking me? " I say nagging but also teasing him.

"Why would you ask a question such as that," he says with a dazzling smile. He is staring at me now and it's as if he is staring right through me.

"Well.......lets see. I have been following you forever now and we don't seem to be going anywhere close so I made a conclusion."

"Nice conclusion and yea, I do have a couple places to show you around here."

As he finishes his sentence we come to our first stop.

"This is the Chasm. Many people say it is here to show there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy."

He begins to speak again with a small frown.

"Many people decided that they were brave enough to over come the Chasm. They were stupidly wrong. Consequently, many people have died here. And many more people will die here because there stupidity gets the best of them. Think of that's as a warning to keep in your right mind."

There is a look of disgust for this place on Peter's face but I think this place is beautiful in a strange way. The waves splashing against the rocks, the roar of the water. The mist hitting your ankles.

Next, he shows me the Pit, I think that's what he called it. I was to busy drooling.

"You will learn to love this place. I know I have" he says quietly.

He informs me that though the Pit is empty now it's not usually like this. Most of the time it's full of people laughing and having a good time.

Goodness gracious I can't keep my eyes off Peter! He is so interesting looking. His face, His soft eyes, his calm voice.

"Trissss, Trisss?!?" Peter must have been saying a while now but I was to distracted to notice. I just stare back at him.

"Why are you staring at me?" He says laughing.

"Oh no reason" Dang! I hope he doesn't think I like him. Maybe I do but I don't want him to know that!!! He probably doesn't even like me. He most likely thinks I'm just some confused hospital patient.

"Tris!! What are you thinking about? You are so distracted right now." He adds looking annoyed.

YOU!! I'm thinking about you!!, I say in my head. I would never have the guts to say that in real life. Or would I? I can't remember much about myself.

" I'm trying to remember something " I respond quickly. Of course I'm lying be he doesn't know that.

"Well. Ok. Let's head over to the clothing store".

I think he is pleased with my answer because he doesn't ask anymore questions but I do occasionally see him glance at me and smile.

We walk side by side to the clothing store. All the people I see running around dauntless seem so happy. I try to imagine how my old life used to be. Was I happy? Content?

Eventually, Peter and I walk up on the clothing store. Peter seems so uninterested now.

I come quickly to the conclusion that I don't like that and a thought rushes across my head. I KNOW WHAT WILL GET HIS ATTENTION. A grin slides across my face and I walk into the store.


Peter's POV:

When Tris and I walk into the clothing store, she skips away picking out things to try on.

The first thing she tries on is a black dress that had a plunging neck line and came to just above the knee. She looked incredible!!

WAIT PETER!!!!!! I say to myself. You barely know the girl!! I just can't help be attracted to her, though. I'm so drawn to her

The dressing room door flies open." What do you think?" She says walking out with a pose and smiles.

"Wow, you look beau-" I say but quickly re-word my answer" -Great, you look great".

This girl is so striking. I have to keep reminding my self to keep my head on straight.

I notice she has a tattoo. Three birds in flight.

"What kind of birds are those?" I ask shyly. I wonder what the significant of the three birds is. Why not four or five?

"Ummmm, I'm not sure. I can't really remember," she says sadly as the corners of her mouth form a frown.

"Oh yeah, the amnesia." I feel bad about forgetting about it. I was just so preoccupied.

This processes happens about 11 more times. She tries on something new. She asks me how she looks. I drool over her every time. And we eventually check out and head out to the Apartment complex.

We eventually walk by the chasm again. Suddenly, Tris stops to enjoy the view of the waves. All of a sudden I hear laughing and screaming. Two children come running by us and I watch then until I can't see them anymore.

I glance back and notice that something is missing. Tris.

Tris!!!! I glance over the railing and she is dangling by her hands over the chasm, paralyzed with fear. Her eyes plead for help. I quickly drop the shopping bags and pull her up with a burst of strength.

Tris is soaking with water and is shaking very badly. Consequently, her feet slip and she quickly falls on me and we fall to the ground. We are chest to chest.

At the moment we are very close together and mine as well be breathing for each other. Her eyes are very stunning. Her skin softer than I had imagined.

I want to kiss her so badly but I fear rejection. Should I kiss her?

I glance down at her and she is staring right into my eyes. I quickly look away. Why am I so self conscious?

Should I kiss her? She quickly goes to pull her self up and I pull her down on top of me.

Who the hell cares? I think and press my lips to hers.

As soon as our lips touch, sparks fly even though it was such a gentle kiss.

I soon put my hands on the small of her back to steady her. She seems very nervous but if only she knew how much I wanted her. I barely know her but I'm insanely drawn to her.

She seems to be enjoying herself and runs her hands through my hair and rest them on my neck. Goodness, the things she could do to me with just her thoughts. I quickly deepen the kiss longing for more.

After it seems like only a few minutes, our lips part. I look at her and she is staring and smiling.

She jumps of me quickly and helps me up without any effort. Damn this girl is strong. I don't weigh a lot but I do weigh a good bit.

"Thanks for saving me. I could have died without you."

"It was my pleasure" I say still grinning.

She blushes and takes my hand. I grab the shopping bags and we quietly walk back to the apartments.

We walk up to our hall and I let her hand go. She turns to face me.

"Thanks for an amazing day. I really enjoyed your company."

" I enjoyed my self, too." I definitely enjoyed myself.

I give her a quick hug and tell her goodbye.

"Goodnight Peter" she says and slowly closes her door, flashing a quick smile.

I walk into my apartment and quickly go to sleep.



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