Just another bad boy. (Punk louis)

Alice is innocent. She moved from France to London. She is a French girl that's not happy. She's a virgin. She believes in sex after marriage.

When she starts a new school, Louis sees her as an easy innocent target. She is just a girl trying to find herself in a new place.

Louis is just another bad boy with piercings and tatooed friends. When Alice starts college, he is just attracted to her sexually.

He wants her and she doesn't want him. She starts to date someone Louis is starting to show his more violent side. Can Alice get to know him and change him or will he just be another bad boy?


1. chapter 1

Alice's P.O.V

I gripped my bag tighter as I walked down the halls of the college I'm attending. Once I found my class I walked in and sat down in the back.

I don't like attention being on me. People started coming threw the door and sitting down. I've been here about a week. My roommate just came last night. She seems nice. I hope she is. I only got to day hi to her.

My roommate known as Allison came in and noticed me. She smiled at me and sat next to me. I smiled back at her.

She stuck out her hand "we didn't properly get to introduce ourselves very well last night. My names Allison."

I chuckled "yea we didn't. I'm Alice."

"Is that a French accent?" She asked.

I smiled and nodded "yep. Is yours Australian?"

She nodded. We stopped talking when the professor walked in. ----- he was talking about a project we are going to start in about two days about our hobbies, interests, where were from. Stuff like that. When a boy walked in.

"Ah Mr. Tomlinson nice of you to join us late. Again. I see old habits don't change." The professor said.

The boy scoffed "yea. What ever. Your lucky I even came."

He had a accent. I've traveled before and that's maybe Doncaster. Yea Doncaster. I saw his face and arms. He was covered in tattoos and piercings.

I gave Allison a questioning look.

"Louis Tomlinson. Second year. This is my first by the way. And he had a bad childhood."

I nodded before asking "how do you know so much about him?"

She mumbled something before I heard a voice from beside me. "Because I have the privilege of being her wonderful brother."

I turned around to see Louis. He was attractive. In a "I have piercings and tattoos and everyone's scared of me" kind of way.

"Step brother." Allison said.

He scoffed "yea I still don't see why my mom would even marry your dad."

I turned to the professor trying to ignore sibling bickering.

Allison said "maybe she wanted to marry someone who actually loved her."

I gasped. I turned to Louis to see his fists in balls. He was trying to control anger. I could see it. I turned to Allison "what?" She asked innocently.

"Say sorry." I said.


"Because I can tell your not a mean person." I said.

She sighed "I'm not. I'm nothing like.... Him. But it's hard to be nice to him."

I glared at her.

"Fine. Louis I'm sorry. Touchy subject." She said.

He ignored her. I looked back at the professor. I felt a hand rub my thigh. I looked over at Louis and he was just smirking.

I tried to remove his hand but it wouldn't budge. I sighed in defeat. He continued to rub. I couldn't help but feel electricity run threw me.

He got closer to me and whispered in my ear "I hope you know your mine now." His breathe making me shiver. He tugged at my ear with his teeth seductively.

I laughed quietly "no I'm not."

He chuckled in my ear "babe, your innocence turns me on."

I chose to ignore him. The class went slowly and Louis was rubbing my thigh most of the time. When the class was over I realized my other class was on the other side of the campus.

I know where all my classes are because u took a tour this summer of the campus. "Class dismissed." The professor told us. When I heard those words I sprinted out of the room but not forgetting to grab my stuff.

The rest of the day I found myself thinking about Louis. His touch made my innocence leave my mind. "But he's just a player. He'll brake your heart. He won't ever love you. Don't try." My subcontinents didn't forget to reassure me.

~~~~~Last class~~~~~

I walked to my last class and I saw Louis walking away obviously flirting with a girl. They seemed to be heading to the dorms. Ugh ewe.

Me being clumsy bumped into someone. I dropped all of my stuff, along with them too. I groaned and said "I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going. And I-"

I was cut of my fingers lifting my chin. "It's okay." This boy was absolutely beautiful. His hair was blonde with brown roots. He obviously died it. He looked so young.... So... Innocent? Natïve? We were practically the same people.

I smiled at him realizing I was thinking for way to long and said "hi I'm Alice." He smiled "Niall. are you.... French?"

I smiled "yes. are you Irish?"

"actually yes. born and raised." he smiled.

"so your new here?" he asked.

I nodded. "well if you give me your number I can take you out sometime." he said.

I chucked "I would like that." I unlocked my phone and handed it to him. He did the same with me. We both revived our phones back and headed into class.

~~~after class~~~

"Bye Niall. I'll text you later." I smiled at him.

He smiled back and nodded. I headed back to the girls dorm. It only took about 5 minutes until I was in the building. I decided to take the elevator.

When I walked in I saw Allison her bed. I smiled at her and she gave a fake smiled "HELP ME!" I sat on my bed, ignoring her and starting my work.

I heard the fridge open, close, then a groan. "there's no food" the voice said. My head shot up from the paper.

There was Louis Tomlinson. I turned to Allison with wide eyes. She put her hands up as in to say "hey. He invited himself"

He pulled out a desk chair and said "there's a bonfire." (A/n Personally I don't know what college does. But someone I know went and she said she had a bonfire and it was awesome)

Allison looked up from her phone "so?"

He groaned "you guys should go."

I was going to say something but I heard my phone go off. I picked it up to see I had a text from Niall.

Niall: hey it's Niall. Are you busy tonight? There's a bonfire and it seems everyone's going. We could go together?"

Me: is this your attempt to ask me out on a date. Then about 2 dates later you will ask me to be your girlfriend?"

Niall: do you want it to be?

Me: yes. But you don't seem that experienced.

Niall: I'm not. I usually get friend zoned. So you will be my date?

Me: yea. What time should I meet you there?"

Niall: give me your dorm and I'll pick you up at 7. We can have dinner first.

Me: floor 3, room 26.

Niall: okay see you later.

I looked up to see Allison and Louis staring at me. "Were you sexting?" Louis asked.

Allison gasped "Louis!"

"What. She was biting her lip in a sexy way, she looked concentrated, she was also smiling and chuckling a lot." He said.

I held back a laugh "no I wasn't. I was texting my date. He's going to be here at 6. So I should get ready."

My subcontinent had to put in there "you don't even know anything about him. what if he's like Louis. what if they talked?"

I guess ill find out. I looked up and Louis fists were in balls. I smirked. "I'm yours al right" I mumbled.

Louis shifted until he was close to me. "that's because you are love.'" he whispered.

I gulped and said "no I'm not."

He chuckled then stood up. "so who are you going with?"

I don't know if I should tell him or not. I ignored him and tried to get up. He pushed me back down and I got scared. I searched the room for Allison. Guess who wasn't here? if you said Allison you were right.

"I'm going to ask you again love. who are you going with?" he said threw gritted teeth. I sighed then said "Niall Horan"

He did let me go. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I quickly turned on the shower and got in. I washed my hair and my body. I hurried and got out. I wrapped a towel around me and brushed my teeth. brushed my hair and exited the bathroom. Crap! I completely forgot about Louis. I sighed and went threw my closet. I found a dress that my friend bought me but I never wore because it was too short.

It was a light blue color. it went about mid thigh. I went back the bathroom and put it on. when I got out Louis was laying on my bed watching me. "stalker much?" I mumbled.

he chucked as I sat on the floor adding some light makeup to my face. "nah. just I would love to rip that dress off of you and fuck all of the innocence out of you." he said casually.

I dropped my eye shadow and my mouth was wide open. I quickly recovered and put the rest on. I blow dried my blonde hair and curled it. I left my side bangs how it naturally is. Straight. I added a light coat of lip gloss and stood up. I straightened out my dress and I hear a knock. I looked at my phone. It said 6:01. I smiled and opened the door. Niall was wearing a plain white shirt and a black blazer. He wore black skinny jeans. I guess we both went out of our comfort zone for this fire.

I smiled at him "come in." he smiled back and it dropped when he say Louis. "what's he doing here?" he asked. Louis smirked "quick fuck before you got here." I wanted to slap that smirk off of him.

"no we didn't. he's my roommate's step brother." I said. Niall sighed in relief. He nodded and I grabbed my phone from Louis hands. I noticed he out his phone number and sent a message t himself so now he has my phone number. Great. Note the sarcasm. I sighed and as I was walking away Louis slapped my butt. I gasped and saw him smirking.

I turned back to niall and grabbed his hand. then we left.


yea!!! new story. this is my favorite so far. I'm making so many stories at the moment. when I get a story idea I have to do it. so pretty much when I update this story next. niall and Alice will be on a date. then they will go to the fire. I will try to update my other stories as soon as possible. im not going to lie and say I've been busy with school and soccer I mean I have but I still have time to write. sometimes I just get writers block and cant write.



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