Not A Love Story

This is not a love story. This is all, you need. \\


1. Dark, black coffee

Dark black coffee on the dark black table

She arrives in a dark black car

In her dirty dancing dark black clothes

No one have ever noticed her

She's like air, no one compares

She smells like a liquerice factory

No one can deal with her dark black mind

Once a man asked her her love

She agreed, but he broke her heart

And since no one have ever stayed her near

She's caught in her dark black thoughts

She don't think her situation could be worse

When you lie for her she comes at you like a dark black horse

She believes in, he's out there

And she's only waiting for the time to come around

She aren't afraid to use her dark black mouth

She teeths is lost in a dark black hole

No one can now make her whole

All of her body is lost in the dark black hole

Everywhere she go she leave a sour,  black taste

She had a name, but no one never called her for it

Everyone there says it gets a dark black bite.

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