Not A Love Story

This is not a love story. This is all, you need. \\


2. All you need is

All you need is love, all you need is a collection old vinyl LP's

All you need is a good book, all you need is a lifetime to read it

To make yourself believe all you need is crazy friends

All you need is laugh, overthinkin' kills your happiness

All you need is a little innocent dance when you're feeling sad

All you need is to sing loud out from your heart, when you're alone

All you need is a hour without people around

That's just a little list of what you need

All you need is to be accepted

All you need is to freak out to you favorite band when no one hears you

I guess you understand

All you need is a conversation

With someone you never talked with before

All you need is to get your phone off

There's no free Wi-Fi anymore

All you need is a little smile on your lips

When you randomly gets a "You're beautiful"

Answer them with a "I like you"

I'm sure they understand

All you need is a rainy day

Go to a stranger, start to talk in the rain

He will understand and he will keep you

Dry and warm under the umbrella

That's a little more things you need

Say straight to people that no one can down you

That no one can kill your happiness

Cry only when no one can see you

Never cry because it's raining

Because after all rain comes the sun

The sun is all you need

When it's raining, don't be afraid

When it's raining, don't get sad

There's no time for sadness

Run outside and get your hair vet

Face the sky, lift your head up in the clouds

No one really can now hold you

You're best, when you're free.


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