The Element Book 1: The Adamer

Kuurashis; warriors of a new and pure land called Kurra.


5. Chapter 5: The Amorise's Miracle

Sarah and Ernst have fled from Landville and they went to the "Sand territory". They must pass firstly through the "Amorise forest" who is been transformed to a dead forest due to the dark power of the witch after her declaration as the 2sd Kyenzhu then proceed through the Canuto Mountains a frozen mountains specially in winter, and finally they must cross the Blaco Mountain to arrive to the Sand Land. Where their cousins Jina and Memes live.

Enter to the calm dead forest. A forest springs out a thick fog, where Sarah and Ernst hold two lanterns form of a pegasus to see their roads.
Unfortunately, one of Egyoa’s raven
a spy who gives news to the Majo, and be used as her third eye had warned her that her stepsons had fled from Landville…
- Sarah
whispering: “Ernst… we must be careful! the Amorise forest has changed... Egyoa’s spies are propagated…. So, it’s better to sneak into my place. A secret place, that i’ve found in the Amorise.”
- Ernst: “a secret place?”
- Sarah : “i was always alone… i amuse when i stroll between the old beautiful trees. Or brother… I must always be inside the box!
" she smiled ironically
- Ernst smiled ironically and put his hand on his back like he want to tap out his words : “Oh! Oh! No, Sister… I’m just joking..hehe!”
- Sarah
rolled her eyes : “ shut up!”
Before the time of their arrive to Sarah’s secret place, she always remember the place when a giant tree, engraved on it her name, appeared.
- Sarah 
stopped and look at that tree: “Wait!”
- Ernst: "!!"
- Sarah’s tears were bubbling : “This is my tree! What happened!”
She saw her tree burned,
all her leaves were in black… she remembered that animals lived in there, they were her friends, they always take along Sarah to her place
Ernst advanced slowly to see her sister. While she’s sweeping her tears, he put his hand on her shoulder and said:
- Ernst: “Don’t be sad Sarah… I believe that the I
first Element of Herb’s Ory has protected them…”
- she glanced him: “And how you know if her myth is real… “
- Ernest: “Isn’t she the I Element of Herb!”
- Sarah: “And…”
- Ernest: “Well she is powerful. Even so she didn’t do anything to people… but she did everything for this forest, for all the forests of the FarEast land…”
- Sarah: “If she have really implanted her Ory inside the trees, well why are my tree and all around dead?”
- Ernest: “Sister…”
- She raised her hand to interrupt him : Just
she sweep again let.. continue… there we can directly across the Mountains.. He nodded

Arriving to the secret Gate, it was made from branches of tree, sadly the branches were also black Sarah begins to fumble the branches of the Gate, like she was gripping to know what could do to these Trees.
- Sarah: “Why!? Why did Egyoa killed the Amorise Forest…”
- Ernst: “Well… its weird.. she didn’t curst all the Trees of the land, she only curse the Amorise Forest”
- Sarah : “Do you know the reason?”
- Ernst: “I’m just groping like you, sister”
- Sarah: “I’m sure there something that pushed her to destroy that beautiful forest of
- Ernst
smiled ironically: “Perhaps she didn’t find her own love Sister… HEHE!”
- Sarah
glanced him with perkiness and said: “Its not the time too make jokes Ernst… About something who is dead…”
- Ernst
looked at her Sister while she turned her back on him and continue her seeking, he knew that killing this forest has very touch his sister’s heart…
- Ernst he caught: “I’m…Sorry.. Sister… i want it to see your gleam teethes… I’ve miss it! It was gone since our Father death day…”
- Sarah: “Don’t wait brother…. because they aren’t white anymore, they are black like the Amorise. Since the Cold day
the Death of Harry everything in my heart have stoned with it… I’ve bury all my sentiments, everything underground… My kindness and my smile… I’m just now want the happiness of the Kurrarian… That’s my Dad’s vow.”
- Ernst: “Sarah… If you think harming yourself because you didn’t…..”
she interrupt him
- Sarah: Let continue! We are near to the secret place.. as we are near to the Canuto.
he glance his sister back and fallowed her

Entering the mysterious place, all trees were still painted in black. They entered into an aisle of trees, until they arrived…
The courtyard was also destroyed. The courtyard indeed, it was surrounded by trees that clamped on each other, they are forming a gigantic room. But three giants and enormous trees come from behind the clamping medium sized trees and stoop into the courtyard
so imagine how enormous  these three trees are.
Moreover, in bottom of the courtyard also an aisle of tree occur, that it will lead our friends toward the Canuto Mountains. As we can also see the Mountains from the ceiling of that secret courtyard, where the crown of the enormous trees covered it broadly.
In the center, there was a table and animals caves, but it seem they have been vanished due to the curse.

- Sarah looked on it surprisingly : “My home… her voice was soft My beautiful home… where are all these beautiful creatures?  It was their home! she begin to seek the place, she was confused Where are my stuff! What happen! It has been destroy! My home!”
she falls into her knees… she puts her hands on her face, she begins to cry
Ernst advanced slowly into his sister and he wiped her into his arm and hugged her
- Ernst: “SHUSHH… i’m sure that the Majo will took her punishment one day…”
- Sarah: Do you believe that we will succeed to destroy her… do you really believe… we have nothing, brother… if it’s really that I Herb Element’s Ory is buried  between these trees, i’m sure that damn bitch couldn’t burn these trees…
Ernst was calm isn’t brother! Tell me! Isn’t that what Kurrashi’s masters has tough you! That no one can harm the forest! No one can harm the FarEast Land! No one! Because She, She protect it.  Yes… its true, she did nothing… how people can say that she was truly a hero.
Suddenly, something shiny came between the tree’s crown, it headed towards Sarah and Ernst. It was a person, yes a person, who was shinning, opening his chest like he want to hug them…

Utterly Sarah and Ernst frightened, they quickly peeled off one and other, and raised their swords facing the light that coming down…
Fortunately, the Light vanished when it touched the ground like steams. But behind it, behind that flashy gleam fog, there was a pure woman, a long blond and long hair woman, with her green eyes shining as her hairs. She wears a crown made from leaves,
every leaf was painted in different color than the other-so they were brighten the courtyard and black trees she was also wearing a long white female robe that express her none exciting anymore in this world…

Oppositely of the beautiful canvas, the two brother and sister were scared and frightened, they were waiting for her attack.
- The Intruder
her voice was like silky: “Why are you facing your sword towards me… I’m not such a bad person… isn’t i?”
- Sarah
she glanced her brother and whispered: “Why she’s talking like this… she’s acting nice…”
- Ernst: “Do you think she’s depressed?! But wow she is beautiful!”
his eyes turn white and begin to pop in and out
- Sarah: “Shut up you dumb! I meant listen to her voice… she seen nice and not evil…”
- Ernst: “Yeah… you right… but what if she was one of Egyoa spy… you know, they always turn to be the sexiest woman…”
- Sarah
rolled her eyes and smash his head: “You stupid little pervert!”
- the Intruder: “I’m not a evil woman… i swear… I’ve never heart a creature in my life… Why are you scared from me?”
- Sarah
whispered again her brother and notice : “Oh Ernst! look at her crown… her leafs crown… aren’t they similar to you!?”
- Ernst: “Well she’s beautiful yeah … like a rainbow…  like… i reallyy don’t have anything!“
She smashs his head again
- Sarah she shout at him : LOOk AT HER CROWN COLOR YOU FOOL! Some of her crown leafs looks similar to the trees of our land… look carefully!”
- Ernst: “Oh! Do you think she’s…”

Sarah and Ernst begin to lower their swords
- Sarah said : “Are you Lady I Element of Herb?”
- The woman said bravely and with softness: “Yeah.. I am!”
Sarah’s eyes widen
- Sarah: “But you are dead!”
- The Element of Herb: “Well yeah… But, my Ory has sensed and listened to someone complaining about me…”
- Ernst
he begin to point at Sarah : "It’s Her.. I swear… I believed in you…. please forgive us” he begin to nod in and out for excuse until Sarah rap his face until he flew away
- Sarah: “I’m sorry for my brother dumbest reaction… he always seen weird with woman…” with sod voice
- The I Element of Herb: “Don’t worry…”
- Sarah : “So… you had listen to my words… about you… Well.. I’m Sarah, Sarah Adamer”
- The I Element Herb: “I’m Ino, Ino Shinara, the first Element of Herb… Nice to meet you…”

they begin to look at each other, until Ernst returns…
- Ernst: “You come for…”
- Sarah
she interrupts him: “Yes.. i was complaining about everything…”
- Lady Ino: “Can.. i know th
e reason…dear child…”
- Sarah: “Well.. look at your forest… it has been destroyed… look on everything… all Kurrarian though that your Ory will protect everything…. all the trees… even look what the Majo have done with our people….”
- Lady Ino
she looked at the ground, like she was sad: “I think they enthrone it much more than i did…”
- Sarah: “I didn’t mean Lady Ino… But…”
- Ino: “No… you’re right!”
- Sarah: “HUH!”
- Ino: “All my life, i was sitting on my throne… do nothing! And all the other Elements were glorying and judging with justice. And ME… NOTHING! Watching them, i was useless… useless! That’s why i was always alone. Thinking… what can i do for my Land? What could i do to protect my people? What could i do to save my people from agony? Since then… I begun to create this rarely skill, that could help the future of my people…”
Sarah’s eye widen
- Sarah: “Lady Ino!” soft voice
- Lady Ino she raised her head to see Sarah : "I’m sorry! I’m sorry if i foiled your believes in my technique! But truly, my technique wasn’t enough to protect all the people… but it was only for the trees to implant joy and amusement for the people. she lowered her head I’m sorry, my dear!”
- Sarah: “No Lady Ino! Now i understand you! I recap my words that i’ve said before…”
with a slight nod
- Lady Ino: “HUH!
- Sarah:  “Its not your fault! Your technique was only for the trees.. your loneliness pushed you to the hard, but you barely achieved it. We thank you!”
- Lady Ino: “Huh! Just like this… you were complaining before and now…”
- Sarah: “because i’m just like you… useless… I can understand your pain… I’m sorry if I harmed you… and I’m sure these tree will grown again through your Ory…”
- Lady Ino: “Grow again? But they aren’t dead my child…”
- Sarah: “What!! but they are burned.!”
- Lady Ino: “ They seemed burned, but they are not dead! All these trees have transformed into dead ugly creatures, because nature gave them order to transform into what they must be.”
- Sarah : What!?”
- Lady Ino: “Well, when my Ory saw the Majo burning all this forest’s trees, the kill that I’ve made inform that when the nature change, the tree change with it…”
- Sarah : “So when the trees saws the fire, the trees didn’t died?!  they just have been transformed because they saw flames…”
- Lady Ino: “Yes… they transformed into dead trees…”
- Sarah : “So it’s the same idea… changing leafs from season to season….
- Lady Ino: “Naturally!
she smiled
Sarah’s tears began to drop into the ground
- Lady Ino: “Why are you crying my dear?”
- Sarah : “I’m sorry if i’ve accused you or doubt about your protection… I’ve just thought that your Ory did nothing. I’M SORRY! please forgive me!
she kneels
- Lady Ino: “Sarah! she advanced rapidly and raised her low head to see her eyes Why i need forgiveness… if I was seeking for one…”

she smiled and begin to heft from the ground like she was flying, she was ready to go away,she turned her back and went off… while she was going she glanced Sarah and Ernst and said

- “Don’t forget… the forest always in aid for the Kurrarian.”
She winked them and flew away like a flashing light)
- Ernst : “She’s truly beautiful….”
- Sarah smiled once that make Ernst eye’s widen surprisingly: “She is truly the best hero… HEHE!”
- Ernst
surprising : “you are smiling!”
Finally they begin to laugh for joy and happiness… by acquainting a legendary Kurrashi…. that’s the Amorise’s Miracle….




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