The Element Book 1: The Adamer

Kuurashis; warriors of a new and pure land called Kurra.


4. Chapter 4: The Prophecy




In a small district called Landville, in a wood house near to the Castle, a girl and her brother lived inside it. A low cave built of turf roughly thatched with rushes and standing on the highest spot of some slightly raised ground. Inside the little house, there was a small kitchen, a bathroom and a room where two wood beds set it on, nothing else current in the room. They were living poorly. The house Is surrounded by a tangled growth of bushes and low trees, through which a narrow and winding path gave admission to the narrow space on which the hut stood. The ground sloped rapidly. Twenty yards from the house beautify long and white trees  appeared, they got green long leaves originally but due of the weather they were all covered in white.
The brother and sister are in fact Sarah Adamer and Ernst Adamer sons of the 1st Kyenzhu Harry Adamer. Unfortunately they have been banished from the Elements Castle by the 2sd Kyenzhu Egyoa-their step mother.

Truly Sarah Is a pretty and charming girl. She’s 27 years old and she got strait black hair, big green eyes, smooth red lips and a perfect body. Admitted, she holds two long medium white Kunai where the gold cross-guard is curved  and the pommel is similar to a golden enormous ring, it's made from sun’s light and it was gifted to her from her brother Ernest: called Hokuwo… It kills straightaway. Additionly, she wears white tight pants, a white belly t-shirt similar to a keikogi a t-shirt keikogi and a Geta and she has stretched on her two thighs two white scabbards for her Kunais. but reason of the bad weather, she was wearing a long black cloak

As well as Ernst, he have a muscled and tall body, an auburn red-black hair and two small black eyes and he got a mark on his front-head, as well he is called the unconquered man. He’s a fire type Kurrashi he creates fire and he controls it. He’s wearing a long black and red Kurrashi's outfit, and he holds two blades: his blades are smilar to a Nagamaki sword formed from flame.
So when he want to fight, the blades's flame turns on.
Well, Ernst is specialized by two skills:
-  The blowing technique: the Lion Roar,
-   His father’s technique, the arm flame : Bukido…

Unfortunately we don’t know yet if Sarah can really fight, but she is well-known by her karate and her unbelieving  moves, her moves shows that she’s a great warrior.

Actually Harry’s child are living alone, the sister-brother were suffering from loneliness and they decided to recap their father’s land and to defeat the 2sd deceitful Kyenzhu.
Sarah is sitting on her bed, Ernst is looking through the window…. the weather was cold and lethal, he is seeking all the garden from the west to the east. He is decently worried about something, his eyes express the loneliness and the depression. Sarah whispered from behind.
- Sarah: ”Ernst!”
- Ernst "Our father’s dream is ruined…. our land is ruined…. our dignity is ruined and also our people…”
The deep looks of Ernst turns him quiet and slack. He was looking at the trees of the village: they were strange and magical, the leaves change their colors depending on the season and the weather: it change to white in winter, orange in autumn, green in summer and colorful in spring.  In Kurra, these trees are called Shinaras. As the name of the 1st Element of Herb, because in the beginning these trees were normal: during her last breath, she want all the Kurrarians never forget her, because she wasn’t such as skilled warriors but she was magnificent in treating and caring others, so she decided to implant her Herb Ory all around The FarEast's trees and make them more beautiful than others and more helpful for the Kurrarians. Well she has used her secret power named “Inohi” (nobody knew about it) to creates these trees… so that’s why the Kurrarians have titled the trees: the Shinaras.
That time, Ernst was looking at the white leaves, it was winter!
Ernest felt homeless and stateless, he looked at the white snow, he disregarded his sister because he tempted by the drops, he was listening to the melody of the storm, the rustle of the trees and the strain of the wind.
- Sarah whispered to Ernst: "it's beautiful…."
Suddenly Ernst roused and glanced his sister.
- "I'm sorry sister….”
Sarah began to glimpse at the white trees.
- Sarah: “How lovely and sadly are they!. They are beautiful, but they shows grief…. White is beautiful but hurtful.”
- Ernst: “you meant….”
- Sarah: "It's beautiful while you are warming your body, hugging your cover, sleeping inside your wool cocoon. But the poor people are freezing from cold." with a calm voice.
-Ernst:  “its a curst world! Our Land… It wasn’t like this!
-Sarah:  “Are you sure that it wasn’t?!”
While he want to respond his sister strange utterance, he decried a whisper coming from the clouds, with a flash of light, calling his name and the name of Sarah, he was distraught by the voice, he turns to Sarah, to know if it's real or not.
There is a birds standing at the window's frame and starring at them.
- Sarah: “Ernst, look at that bird, isn’t similar to you?’ Ernst was contemplating
Suddenly the bird transformed into an old man carrying a crystal stick.
Indeed, The old man was quiet and pure, he wears a white long cloak and a white scarf, he have long white beard, white eyebrows with black eyes that scares the raven of the region.
Sarah and Ernst quickly raised their swords upon him and shout with aspen:
- "Who are you?!”
The old man advanced slowly but still they insist from raising their swords until the old man said
- The Strange man: “I’m Wolfred…”
- Sarah: “And?!”
- Wolfred: "I’m not what you think of. My children…"
- Sarah: “Who are you then!?”
- Ermst: "No Kurrariain or Kurrashis can transform to another creature only if you are working for the Majo!”
- Wolfred: “I’m something else my child. I’m from the sky! Sarah’s eyes widen
- Ernst: “What! From the sky!? Prove me?”
- Wolfred he smiled: “Prove? i think you have seen enough…”
Sarah held back her Hogowas, she glanced Ernest and said to him while putting her hand on his shoulder
- Sarah: "Ernst..." smooth voice
- Ernst he lowered his sword too : "Than if you are truly from the Sky… you came for something!
- Wolfred: i’m the teller of the light... i’ve been send from the land of the sky to tell you that light must be renewed, or Kurra will be ruined…"
-    Ernst interested: Is he saying the truth, Sarah?”She nodded to Ernst
- Wolfred: "So it’s true… you are Sarah Adamer, the one who truly sees the hearts… But i got no heart my dear, how did you know then…"
- Sarah: "Well… you already said the answer…"
- Wolfred: "you are wonderful!" he smiled seriously   
- Sarah: "Can you proceed please?"
-    Wolfred:  t"he Sky ordered me to tell you...!
- Sarah : "A prophecy…"
- Wolfred he looked on Sarah as she already knew something: "i’m only a Darz a wizard from the sky…"
- Sarah: "A Darz! Than you came to tell us how to defeat Egyoa!”
- Wolfred: "Slowly my dear… i'm here only for the prophecy!"
- Ernest: "A prophecy? So Sarah was right?" The cave become quiet and leisurely
- Sarah: "You said a Darz then…” Sarah returns her Hogowas to the scabbards on her tights-
- Wolfred:  "We Darz, are ordered to fly above Kurra to tell you what you must to do for the safe of Kurra…”
- Sarah: “And what the Sukai said?”
- Wolfred: "The lords said… that only the sons of truth and justice can destroy the devil! from pure and same blood, union and strength will be assembled!"
- Ernst: "And?”
- Wolfred:  "The time has come, the sky had finally knew who are the ones who will accomplish the prophecy and who will find the real Elements!"
- Ernst he looked at Sarah strangely: ”You are matching to?"
- Wolfred: "You my child! you are chosen to find the Elements and to rescue Kurra from darkness!"
- Ernst shouts: you are decently crazy and hilarious man! We have nothing! Fighting against the Majo, is…”
- Sarah: "Enough Ernst! the room turn quiet if it is true, what can you proves that we are the persons of the prophecy…Haven't the Sukai already made mistakes in the past, and chose the wrong Elements?"
- Wolfred: "Excellent question… But my dear, if the Sukai have chosen right… Well, you wouldn’t be here my child.. isn’t it ?!” Sarah’s eye widen
- Sarah:  But Sir Wolfred! We have nothing... no strange weapon neither Kurrashis forces… we have nothing!"
And suddenly Sarah was unconscious, remembering her father's word:

- Harry: "A swordsman is definitely weaker than a soldier without a sword!"
-little Sarah: "How!? the swordsman can easily kills the other."
- Harry: "Sarah! my lovely daughter… an empty man is braver, he have definitely surpass his fears of death. He is a gallant and undaunted soldier."

After minutes of quite....
- Wolfred: "Well.. Sarah and Ernest… a person who had nothing in the past, he will have everything in the future!”
- Sarah she looked at her Brother: "Brother...we will do it! Not for the Sky but for the people, for the children who are tyrannized, for the woman who are suffering and for all Kurrashis who are under spell suffering from darkness..."
-  Ernest: “But we are only two, how can we stop it?”
-  The old man laugh and said: “My child!! You aren’t alone! Someone is waiting for you… and the man returns into a bird and flew away
- Ernst: “it’s bizarre!"
- Sarah surprised: “Do you think… he’s thinking about our…
- Ernst: "!!?”
- Sarah: "Well. They are from the same blood and from the same house... are we!?”
- Ernst: "So we must find them!"
- Sarah: “Our family”  Ernst understanding the situation
- Sarah: “Brother, our journey begins! And the Majo... she'll take her punishment! We are the Adamers. Only destiny stops us!”
 - Ernst: “Rebellion begins!"
 And the adventure commences..



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