The Element Book 1: The Adamer

Kuurashis; warriors of a new and pure land called Kurra.


3. Chapter 3: A New Era... Centorium!


Continue our victory, the Kurrarians and the Adamers are celebrating their success and are enjoying Kenela’s defeat owing to Harry’s sword.
Genuinely, Samara has been treated completely after few days, Weldon and Amelia has been felled in love after months. One year later, Kurrarians have pronounced Harry Adamer son of Harisson Adamer, the Lord of Kurra.
It’s the daybreak of a new Era!
Since Harry had became the new lord of Kurra, Because there isn't anymore an Elements to rule, the system changed…
Unfortunately, wars between dark and light never end. That’s why the Kurrarians of the East and West, the North and the South, but especially between the southwestern and the northwestern have got some troubles between them after several years… These conflicts pushed the people to demand their independence and ask to chose their own lord.
Fortunately, Harry declared seven lands on Kurra such as solution; The FarEast Land Harry’s Land located in the east, the Sand Land the center, the Fire Land The southwestern, the Crystal Land The northwestern, the Ile Land group of Islands located in the North, The Mer Land the South and The Light Land an island located in the far southeastern of Kurra.

 Every nation got her own lord and he is surnamed by the Zhu Lord, a king, so it’s the time of the Zhus to conduct Kurra. Delimitating the territory of each land, Harry has entrusted a friend who was well known by his special Rock Ory type, his politic and his expert as a Kurrashi: his name is Kazuo Heiwa.
Certainly, Harry had submit an idea to Kazuo to use his appropriate power that he created, named “Black Yama” technique, it consider by creating giant black mountains who it will contribute to be the borderline of every land’s territory: they surnamed it by the “Blaco Mountain”. 
However, the seven lands still under control of Harry, who is called now the 1st Kyenzhu Kyen = Capital, Kyenzhu= Lord of Kurra. Meanwhile he pronounced the seven Lords of the seven Lands and he installed the Castle of the Elements in The FarEast land located in the most important village and made it the capital of Kurra, titled by:



Centorium is a magnificence village, it surrounded by mountains called the "Canuto". Noticeably, Canuto Mountains are dressed up in white due to heavy snow. Also Centorium was above "Earth Sea": a beautiful shining sea prolific of colorful fishes it’s not a high altitude sea. Further, the FarEast land is well known by her beautiful beaches: her yellow soft sand in the south and the beautiful gleam and silky gravels colorful gravels in the north. Likewise, in the cardinal of the village, a giant and incredible White-Sunny Castle occurred it was the same old castle of the Elements: The Castle of The Elements. Five Thrones are placed the Thrones of the Element inside the first entrance room the principal room.


Inside the entrance room, the Elements were obliged to do their jobs and judges on their people. As a matter of fact, each throne is designed according to the Element’s Ory, Light, herb, fire, water and dark. and below them, Kurra’s people have placed Harry's gold and silver throne.

What are these thrones special on? I’ll describe it for you
Foremost, the Sukai have composed these thrones and they have forbidden to the normal Kurrashis. Accordingly, they are only suitable for the Elements Heroes.
Firstly, The Nur Throne… the Light Element’s Throne who was built from transparent yellow luminous, it seems to be an auric glass, but it’s not, so none person could sit on it.
The second one is the Nar Throne… The Fire Element’s Throne, it’s constructed from red fire and dark blaze, it burns all crafty person who tries to sit on it, also we can see his flames leaping into the ceiling, they said that it flatter everyone.
The Third one is the Zall Throne… The Dark Element’s Throne, it’s made from deep black shadow, a black mug twist around the throne, they said that it absorbs all cagey persons.
The Forth one is the Esh Throne The Herb Element’s Throne, it’s designed from green/rose stinging branches and leafs, we can see lianas branches moving from time to time, and the one who tries to sit on it, he will be strangled by the lianas branches.
And the Fifth one, is the Miah Throne… The Water Element’s Throne, it’s concocted from soft water, where the back of the throne is weird; it’s framed from millions of crooked water props... that’s why the leery persons who tries to sit on it, he will be drown by the thrown the water crooked props will enclosed immediately. 


And these are the five powerful thrones of the Elements.


To Continue, the newest throne, is a human-made, a golden throne, an ordinary throne built with long golden stings in the back…
Additionally, next to the entrance room which is placed on the ground floor there is a room for meetings and military organizations. Next to that room, Harry constructed a new gigantic auditorium for discussion with the Council of Centorium called the KYOGI Department Kurra Yuna(land) Organization and Institution
Then, There’s five upper floors:  each floor represents the apartment of each Element hero. Finally the kitchen and servant’s room is located in the basement of the castle. And under the basement, there is a voluminous and extended under ground room: it’s the Elements Cemetery. On each Elements tomb, the Kurrarian have sculpted statues that resembling perfectly their faces, their clothes and their armors… This place was called the KASAH that mean the sorrow and the hope= Kurra Arona (room) of Sorrow and Hope
Moreover, in the courtyard of the castle, the Kurrarian have built a large garden termed by "Amelia's Natura", where they have sculpted four statues of the “Adamers Brothers” to dignify their courage during the I Outside War.
 Genuinely, the people dwell outside the Castle's territory; they live inside of wood and thick houses that can stand against warning storm. It was created by the I Element Of Herb; he have used his special created skill termed by  "KANAHI HUTAKU (wood houses release), a powerful Herb style, where woods stems from the ground of the chosen area to form wood houses. The houses were painted in green/rose colors Representing the FarEast Lands color. Moreover, Centorium is circled by a beautiful forest called "Amorise", it was the “Parady forest", where Samara and Kevin meet, but it was changed to "Amorise" because it's a meeting place for all lovers. It's a beautiful forest surrounding by colorful birds, a calm and quiet forest made for love and passion.

Naem naem=yes Love, passion and marriage, all these new words start.
Amelia and Walon are married, even so Harry and Yasmin Daughter of the last fifth V Element Of Herb. Indeed Sam and his wife had already got 6 children. Two were dead in war.
Besides, Harry and Yasmin have given birth to a little baby girl, she was known by her big red lips, her name is Sarah. 2 years later, Harry has given birth to a boy called Ernest. At the same time, Waylon and Amelia have given birth to Iyo their first boy, and then 2 years after, Waylon has given birth to another boy and named him Blue. And finally Samara and Kevin have given birth to Memes and 2 years coming up, the last Adamer generation is born, her name is Jina daughter of Keven and Samara. The new Adamers generation is finally formed of 10 children who will expected to be the new and next lords and ladies of Kurra.

Horribly…  after 25 years, the dark and the crepuscular have been extending: Yasmin has died from sickness, Harry has bewitched by a Majo and she became his second wife, her name is Egyoa. Sam and his Wife has been poisoned after few week. So Waylon and Amelia left Centorium as the result of the violence and the dangerous occasion, same as Kevin and Samara left the castle and they have installed in another village called Danares Village in the middle of a desert located in the Sand Land. In fact Kevin became the 2sd Sandzhu after the death of the 1st one in "Sand Land" and established his authority in Danares village and he called it “Samara Village” as the capital of "The Sand Land”.
Therefore, Waylon and his family left Samara to an anonymous region to recede his family from danger As well as children of Sam have decided to leave Centorium without any news.
After years, Harry was poisoned coincidence and buried in the KASAH. Unlikely, Egyoa was pronounced the lady of Centorium as the 2sd Kyenzhu by The KYOGI Consul. Well, Egyoa got white hair, attractive blue eyes and a charming voice. She wears a white snow outfit and a golden crown with golden stings presenting the royal crown her royal crown. She was pretty and shapely, but her darkness returned her into a horrible and ugly Majo; her sweet white hair turns to a fizzy black hair, her adorable blue eyes turns into a creepy white eyes and she becomes a raven soaring in the sky. Surely her black magic governs Kurra, controls the Kurrashis of the FarEast Land and banishes the light from her castle.
Still in our world, a little candle can light up a big black planet!!
That's when our Story begins! See you Next Chapter.

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