The Element Book 1: The Adamer

Kuurashis; warriors of a new and pure land called Kurra.


2. Chapter 2: The Rebellion

The Freedom of the innocence has eventually came, the first I Elements governed Kurra in peace. Genuinely, each generation of Elements will have authority in Kurra for 200 years and coming next a new generation through the verdict of the Sukai along with a prophecy explaining the personality of the heroes. Unhappily, Kurra was a candle in the middle of the world, because our world is surrounded by darkness, anger and violence. It's “The Outside”.
In the Outside, they paint their ground in red, The red of the innocents and they spray a horrific scent
The scent of the corps. Gravely, the people are savages; they construct their world while blaming, killing, prostituting others. They always focus on controlling others brains, because they need to adjust the people and make their apprehension united. Yes...they are united! They could be united. Conceivably, they are united in these horrific and dreadful behaviors. They are mysterious and dangerous. What are they? Anyway, we have already talked enough about the Outside…
Gracefully, the world has seen four generation of Elements, the innocents are equivalent to man. Working, living, eating, sleeping, studying and giving their voices and their opinions.
Later, after 10 000 years, one of Sukai has alighted from the sky along with a message about the genesis of the
fifth V Elements's epoch. He declared 5 lords and ladies while discoursing to people: "if our world change, it will be these heroes from pure blood and pure soul who will rule Kurra with serenity and unison. The Elements will be from the same house and from the same blood". However the five chosen one have been neither from the same house nor from same blood. That's why everyone was surprised about that new prophecy. They misunderstood the nuance and the secret of that prophecy.
Therefor… war was declared: monsters of the Outside entered with violence in Kurra, they suddenly knew about Kurra: her diamond ground, her silver sea and her gold houses and gold trees. It’s the 1st Outside War.
Blood, screams and sorrow floated on Kurra: the sound of humanity began to crumble slowly, the sound of joy transformed into screech and although many people died at the same time as the new Elements were fighting.
Unfortunately these "humester"
Monster-human= Humester named the Otshis warrior of the Outside were more colossal and stronger than the Kurrashis. Regrettably, The Sukai have mistaken by recruiting the new Elements, because they weren't strong enough to defeat the invaders Otshis. Therefore, Kurra is destroyed… Perhaps these Elements weren’t the chosen one?! Because they weren't neither from the same blood or from the same house?! Possibly! Anyway, Kurra Land has seen an end and it concealed between the shadows. What will happen to our beloved new Land?
Actually, the Outside ruled Kurra. Nevertheless, the three lords of the Outside pronounced Kenela who is presided to be the new lord of Kurra.
Well, He was a noble man and a powerful Otshi Commander, where he will govern the land through the rules of the Outsides, while establishing slavery and terror… That’s why, the Kurrarian surnamed him by “The AKOKU”
Dark. Kenela has two black eyes and black hairs, he’s not tall and he wears an Opel Armor marked on it:

  symbol of the 7 “Imlords” = the colonizers and a Hanya diamon helm. That outfit present his position in Kurra.
Veritably, Kenela is married to a Majo spelling = Makho a witch Otshi named Sharara. She died while giving birth to Samara. Samara is known as the daughter of the Majo, but she was always kind to her fallowers. Unfortunately, Her guards are scared to look at her black eyes and her brown skin, afraid to be bewitched by her Dark power… Oppositely, one Otshi warrior, a loyal commander to Kenela named Kevin:

a tall and colossus soldier, he got green eyes and black hairs and he wears a gold Otshi outfit: a gold Armor marked on it:

symbol of Otshi's Commanders and a Gashadokuro A giant skeleton that is the spirit of the unburied dead- a Japanese Myth and a gold helm. That outfit presents his position as a first Otshi Commander in Kurra.
 In point of fact, Kevin is raised from a noble family named The "Adamer", a family formed of four brothers and seven sisters, where the 4 brothers are Otshis and they were forced to fight in this previous war against The Elements and the Kurrarians. After all they are from the Outside…

Literally, the 4 brothers are known as the "Adamers Brothers", they are specialized by many victories during “The I Outside War” and by their strengths and their powers. Even so, they are known by their glory names: Firstly, the oldest brother, he is a giant and colossal Otshi wearing metal arm and named Sam Adamer. The second one is known as Kevin specialized by his sand control. The third is Waylon Adamer, He is eminent by his power of logic and sanity. The youngest is Harry, a vigorous Otshi and he is the second Otshi Commander of the "Humester Army", he is well known by his firearm and his Flamethrowers. Actually, Keven is in love with Samara, they are in relationship but secretly because they have no rights to sense or to think about love. Well, the laws said they have been commanding only to love their Lord and fight with honor.

In fact they are meeting every day in the middle of a forest called "Parady". “Parady” is the forest where they exercise their love and passion.
Lovely they were like love birds, happy and pleasant, they are charmed by the tastes and the touch of love for the first time. In that case, they felt that the world has changed, that sacred land has sprung sentiments inside their heart. They felt the passion in their heart, pity that they have fought, destroyed and killed on this innocent and holy land. Where man can feel life and the liberty! Yes… it was liberty that pushed Kevin to endorse the passion of rebel, to fight the darkness. He felt ashamed that he preferred to destroy Kurra than winning love instead. He finally felt human… Thanks to love, rebellion begins! The hankering have urged Kevin and his brothers to repeal history, to readjust the unequal rules and modify the destiny of Kurra. To regain it rights.
Unfortunately, Lord AKOKU has discovered that Samara was in relation with one of his best Otshi, so he arrested her and he locked her up inside his castle without letting her to discover his knowledge about their relationship. Nonetheless he has listened some rumors about revolution against his authority, but he wasn't interested of that case, and he didn't know yet who's behind this mess and this disturbance. One night, one of Samara’s guards sent a letter to Kevin, asking his visit without noticing anyone. Carefully, Kevin was in the hide cave of the rebels while receiving the letter.

As soon as he burns the letter, he rushed to the castle alone, sneaking out the rebel's cave, leaving behind him the gathering of the revolution against the AKOKU. Without knowing anyone his escape
Just after he arrived to Samara's bedroom by climbing the wall, the room was dark and calm. He whispered her name several times: “Samara, Samara, Samara”  none response.

He surveyed the dim room and insinuated quickly while his feet slapping lightly on the stone ground. All of the sudden someone snatched him from behind until he fainted. Unfortunately, It wasn't Samara’s guard who sent the letter; it was her father who persecuted her to speak about her relation with Kevin and how she can contact him. Sadly Kenela was arrested and prisoned Kevin among with Samara for punishing them. After few hours, Kevin waked up in the midst of a dim and dingy torture room, he opened his eyes slowly and hardly until he saw Samara: strapped in front of him, he saw an angel without wings suffering from wrench and pain, her tears shines her cheeks, her wet hair explain an intense throb and her red lips show the screams of pain.
The ire of Kevin grew in the deep of his box. He has seen his love been tortured, his anger grown and grown much as he sees her in details.
He shouts to Kenela Until Kenela came to light, his Opel clothes are gloomy caused of the dim’s room, his eyes are red, his hands looks very thin and has a lot of wrinkles, the blood vessels really stand out, the knuckles look larger than normal and some discoloration and some spotting. They look old and tired, but yet soft as his snaky face. Meanwhile he threatened Kevin with his cool voice, he ordered him: “Unless you need my daughter’s heart, reveal the rebels location!” Kevin began to force the strap, It seen that darkness is stronger than love unfortunately the rope hasn't been affected It's a powerful and magical rope made for the prisoners. Sadly Kevin begin to cry. He cried for his love, and gnarled for Kurra that it has awakened him, opened his eyes to see the true humanity and the true sensibility in life. He knew that none darkness can ever stop love, none man can rape human sentiments. He cried for his love because he felt weak and paralyzed. He lost hope. All of the Sudden, the Keras Greek horn of rebels has lighted the black clouds and the black castle, even the dark torte chamber. the enormous and spontaneous rebels shined the name of humanity. They were standing together to fight against the oppressors, against the “Humester”. They up to raise again the name of Kurrarians and to change their destiny…
Actually, Kenela is bewildered by the horn’s sound and began to laugh on Kevin : "It’s you!"
Kenela’s red eyes were flamed with anger . Swiftly, he raised his sword to cut Samara’s head, but all of the sudden a green arrow dashed off his sword, made his face flews away and his eyes trembled from fear. In fact, It's the arrow of Amelia, One of Kurrashis warriors. She’s wearing a green warrior outfit and holding a green Kurrarian bow with glow green arrows The arrows are made from her Ory: herbs and it can cut everything.
She was among with the four brothers against the AKOKU, who have entered to the chamber to fight against the guards and to rescue Kevin. The chamber was overflowing of red water, it was like a butchery. We can listen to the animal's last pandemonium. Kenela looked at his soldier's flesh, outstretched, grimy and dark. Nevertheless, His smell was saltier than before, his eyes turned blue, his hands were shaking and his head was trembling even so his breath speeds up. Afterwards, he saw Samara wrapped between Kevin's arms, she was sad and happy. He saw a glamorous nature, where two opposite sentiments exist at the same time; he was drawn by this wonderful image. Until his anger turns into tears, his teeth begin to tremble, his hands gather the sword, his shanks stand up and rush briefly to tear the picture and to stop the artist from finishing his drawing.
What happened! Oh yes! The victory was among the "Adamers" and the mutineers, who had succeeded to thrust the door of the castle and regain their land and their homes. Sadly, Samara who had just lost her father who was killed by Harry. Trying to protect his brother.

It's Raining blood!! It's Raining! Every drop of blood was a human blood, that’s how we expend our blood But every blood is different from other, perhaps her form, her taste or her attitude in life. Actually, Kurra have sawn a wave of destruction, many of Otshis or rebels died in battle. Yes they were all human: they fought against each other, they have forgot their tongue and their idiom and they have used death for govern, resolve and even to revolt. But human must fight against injustice and slavery! But what is the problem? HMM! Yes, that human forgot, forgets and he will forget his language The Resolver. Only force and violence are used for justice in our time. But it's wrong! It's wrong to human acted as animals to get their rights even so it's worst to human to be animals while governing, while ordering and while guiding . So perhaps This victory was acceptable. Perhaps The Adamers have fought the animals who will never understand the Kurrarians and who think that their laws are sacred and pure. Sadly they aren't… This is the true meaning of Rebellion…Fight for Justice and not for Stupidity…. This is Rebellion….

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