The Element Book 1: The Adamer

Kuurashis; warriors of a new and pure land called Kurra.


1. Chapter 1: Kurra...Land of Innocence


Earth… yes Earth!

A beautiful island was establish, an island made by light, fire, Dark, grass and water, it's a graceful and sacred land  gifted to human to live in peace, in joy and in liberty.
This land was created long ago between the oceans and the sky; it rose from the Paradise Ocean, the center of the world, until it separated in all direction divided from the east to the west, from the north to the south from  the mainland.
It was a large territory where all the elements of the world stemmed from; the green woods and beautiful animals danced in the East, water flowed between the coal and the sandy deserts along them. Forests took root in the middle of the territory. Three enormous mountains sat along the North Sea, giving a spectacular view to the north. A deep and opulent enchanted grove occupied the south of this country. Furious wildfire ran rampant in the South-Western, contrasting the gold and crystal reflection on the sea of the North-Western. All of the conflicting combinations of growth and destruction created the island of Kurra.
The Day of creation; the “Sukai Oshu” the Lords of the Sky, who exist above the sky, above the white and dark clouds, who live and look like humans, but they are not.
In fact they are living in an other dimension other world, so they came from above the light, send by their lords called the “Samas” to accommodate this pure land to the ethical ones, who has been maltreating, tyrannizing by the demons, suffering from injustice and slavery, dying from hopelessness and illness, praying to pass on for centuries. These Souls, who have been thinking about avidity, liberty and Humanity.
Who are they?the Sukai Generally, they are persons equal to us, but they have been always suggesting to help others since their creation time…
They up to change the humans; they want them to be more educated, more powerful and more human…  That’s why they draw near and create our Land Kurra…
To reconstruct Humanity!
Humanity… yes Humanity! Many of human kind have been suffering from livelihood for a long time. They are curst, curst in their life… they are treated like animals, dirt and dregs in “The Outisde”.  However it was only the nobles who can survive, can dress properly, can eat savagely and can reserve elements and foods for their children and  their beasts. Everyday they cross the ocean, and they were carrying thousand and thousand of straws and unfortunately they only spend the quarter.
Why? Yes why!? Because they are swank and they can't chewed a lot! they must keep their simple body and lovely body for other things.
And BECAUSE they are more powerful than us, they decide if you can EAT or NOT, If you can SLEEP or Not and If you can LIVE or NOT.
They are solid gold… their power is mysterious… their black power is strong enough to destroy everything…. Who are they? Who are they? Still, they are just like us! Human!  
Are they smarter or dumper? No one know… But we can’t insult them…. because they are vigorous. I don’t remember the power they could contain… They seem to me scary people… But what I’m interesting about is Kurra of course, and this new world will change the name of Humanity and be converted to his original sense.
Finally… yes finally! We are free! The lords of the sky helped us finally to get rid of them and to be separated from their land called "the Outside"; the most largest Land that grows from  blood and hatred. who was a normal land but it was corrupted in time as I’ve already said.
Anyway they offered us this pure land, where true life must go on, where true Humanity exists, for now!….
But still under rules and exemptions, only The Sukais choose the rulers of Kurra.
Of course, someone pure must guide them, must lead them to a better oath that they have been walking on it, traveling through it.
 I’m sure it was a dark path, a glossy and splay pitch even so an oily path that it will be hard to journey over it.
For the reason that these Hero are going to help us to climb this road who is made from tough and callous rocks and slopping giant mountains… These dexterous and graceful heroes, who are going to fight the dark using light, fight the light using dark, construct humanity along with equality, build this new land along with regard and respect. These heroes must touch on sentiments, humanity and nature. They are chosen to be salves, kind and close to their citizens and they are named "The Elements".
In fact, every 200 years, the lord of sky send a prophecy that declare the new Element heroes: their names and their wisdom….
These Elements are formed by warriors who are stemmed from Light, Fire, Herbs, Dark and Water, each one of the heroes must contain and capable to use one of the five Elements. So they are chosen with accuracy and fidelity, as they are ordered to fought and to protect the Kurrarian.
Roundly, the heroes are sons of Generals or brothers of judges, or sisters of head masters, but they are chosen equally in Kurra?
Equally!? Yes, The 5 Elements are one of the Kurrarian, it’s not necessary to be a noble for attain the title “HERO”.
Granting all this, they are more special than others because after all they must rule Kurra, so they got “the power of politics” to govern Kurra…
Gingerly, they must know how to rule and must always remember that they are equal to the people. Justice they value… they mustn’t lust for power or arrogance, they must establish equality and fairness… That’s why Kurra exist to start a new life…
Can they fight alone? What If something Bad happened in Kurra? Well, no one knows…. we mustn’t forget that we still in a middle of a dark world. A world where everyone seeks for a new land to steel or to colonize it… So Kurra has something special….
Yeah…how people fight?
Well, there is warriors called Kurrashis, their duty is to protect our land. shis means warriors…we are in Kurra: so Kurra-shi
Every Kurrashi has his own Ory type (power), a source of energy that a Kurrarian born with it. Orys can be from light, dark, herbs, wood, and sand…
Indeed the well-known Ory were the Ory of the five elements…
In fact, the people of the Outside don't contain any of Ory. Auspiciously, the Orys were gifted to the Kurrarian to live with it punctuality, and trained alone to use it nicely… These people, individually, without any help from the Sky, they have known to control it, spell it into different way, and even develop it…
How Ory works out?
Utterly, Ory is transmitted from the energy that surround her that mean the energy of the nature and convert it into supernatural skills, who is used and developed by Kurrarian…It doesn’t mean that the Sukais didn’t help them… But I think it was a quest, to see how they will use it, evilly or morally? Somewhat we’ll see what our world have been through in our story.

Moreover, some of heads warriors who have became brave and qualified Kurrashis have succeed to create new skill and technique to protect their people and to battle their enemies… Of course they were capable to create new skill through their experience.
To continue, every Kurrashi was marked on his palm a symbol that present the type of his Ory, and with it he can use his Ory for fight, live and protect his self.
Well, to activate his Ory, he must use hand signs; the first hand sign that he must do is clapping his hands one time forming a budda hand sign. Informally, every type of Ory has his own activation mode matching to a key word. A key to activate the insignia… So it’s a key to a locked box that hoard the Ory of a Kurrashi.
And the Key to unlocked the first door is a secret words… our body are just like mystery boxes that we are trying to unlocked it, to find our self….
For now I can inform you about some of the first key words and the most used words to unlocked the first activation mode:

-The Light users got the Illis Activation  (Light Symbol)

-The Fire Users have the Chedo Activation  (Fire Symbol)

-The Water Users have the Edom Activation (Water Symbol)



-The Herb Users have the Sti Activation  (Herb Symbol)



-The Dark Users have the An Activation  (Dark Symbol)


That mean, spelling these word from each Ory user will formally activate his Ory and than it pursue a second words that present a skill, spell or a technique. Where the skill form is depending on what Ory the Kurrashi contains.
Of course every Kurrashi can develop his Ory and fight level by practicing, some of them has succeed to create their own skills.
Talking about the Activation mode before, rather there is three activation modes so like 3 mystery boxes if you want to imagine…
First activation mode is already said above, and the two other are more leveled up.
How it works? I’ll Explain
The first activation mode indicates all the Ory that cover up our bodies.
Further the activation is close to the last activation more than the energy is concentrate towards the center… “The Heart”!
Appreciably the center is mysterious. Certainly, the center of our body isn’t our heart box.
Well It’s further than an organ or a cell, in fact it’s the center of our Ory:  that mean our energy.
This energy is coming from the deep of our heart, a mysterious place, buried in our heart and called sentiments. we react as our sentiments tell us.
There is many sentiments that we human have been expressing…
There’s love, as Hatred…
There’s confidence and trust as doubt….
There’s joy as sorrow…
There’s courage as fear…
Finally there’s humanity as cruelty….
These sentiments are been affecting our reaction, our power and our strength…
This Ory is the source of breathing, fighting and going on….
This is our new world, who is full of emotions and patronage, this is our world called Kurra, a new era to start a new life.

Does Kurra would change our attitude, our sentiments, that are buried in the deep of our Hearts?
Well See you Next Chapter.




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