Secrets (An Ashton Irwin fanfic)


2. Chapter 2

As i got off the plane into sunny Australia i made my way, with two sleeping babies, through the airport, into baggage claim. First things first, i need to get the twins' car seats so i can finally put them down. As i looked on the conveyor belt i saw two baby car eats approaching. I lightly nudged a tall man next to me and asked him if he would be able to get them off for me, which he kindly agreed. Once i had gotten Jace and Max into their seats i put them down in front of my feet as i looked for their pushchair and my suitcase. Once i had everything i wheeled the boys pushchair and our suitcase through to arrivals.

"There she is!" I hear an all too familiar voice shout. I turn my head and there is my auntie Kat, my oldest cousin Max, and middle cousin Lacey. They immediatley run towards me and tackle me into a group hug. Minutes later we are in the car on the way back to their, i mean, our house. I smile as i think about who I will be living with, my closest living relatives. Only Max and my aunt and uncle know everything that happened, Lacey and Archie are definately too young to hear about it. Soon enough we are pulling up at my new home. It's a large house with a medium sized front garden, and stone detailing on the front. As i was helped with my bags into the house I saw my uncle and ran up to give him a big hug.

"I missed you uncle Joe!" I exclaim as we release each other. He stayed at home to look after Archie because he's only 4 and it would have been a nightmare having so many people, and my luggage took up a lot of car space. Most of my stuff was shipped over already and waiting for me in my room. And let me tell you, i was really looking forward to sleeping in a bed because i couldn't sleep on the plane and am now extremely tired. I haven't met Archie yet, him being 4, and they moved here 5 years ago and all. I was introduced and i thought he was the cutest thing ever, i couldn't help but pick him up and give him a big squeeze. Which he giggled cutely at my the whole time I was doing so, which made me laugh back at him. By the time i turn around i see that auntie Kat and Lacey are already fussing over Jace and Leo, I roll my eyes and let out a little laugh at how cute it is.

Max knocks me out of my little daydream when he starts talking to me. "You look like you're about to fall asleep! come on, i'll shoow you your room." Max and I were always close when we were younger, people would say we were inseperable! "Thanks! And yeah, I feel like i'm about to aswell." We both laugh. As we get to my room I lay down on the bottom of my bed with my feet hanging over the edge, and Max does the same next to me. "You okay? I mean, really okay?" He knows all about my past and thisis the first time we have been alone together in person ever since they left, I mean, we skyped and stuff, but it was nice to have him actually there in person. "Yeah, I'm happy to be away from everything that reminded ,me of the past, I think i'm finally ready to move past it and start again." I smile back at him, being honest with the person I used to share all mt secrets with when I was a kid, obviously them secrets weren't as serious as theese, but the familiarity of it brought back good memories of the two of us. "Good, you don't deserve to be reminded of all that everyday for the rest of your life." We stand up and i give him a tight hug. "Hey, where's the bathroom? I need a shower after that miserably long flight!" I laugh. "Second door on the right, towels are in the cupboard inside the door." He answers before leaving and closing the door.

Once I am out of the shower and dressed in some joggers and a jumper, i go downstaits to see everyone crowded around the TV watching The Lion King, I guess that's also Archies favourite film, aswell as mine and Max' when we were his age, by the fact he was staring so intently at the screen. Lacey and Max were each holding one of the twins and I realised auntie Kat wasn't in the room. I made my way to the kitchen to find her cooking dinner. "Hey auntie Kat" I say perching myself onto one of the stools at the island in the middle of the kitchen. "Hey, you not gonna watch the film with the others? it's your favourite, The Lion King!" She winks at me, obviously remembering the millions of times I must have made her watch it when i was a kid. "No, thought i'd come keep you company" I smile back. We talk for a while longer before dinner is ready and everyone gathers in the dining room. We all talk a lot about things and before long i am shattered and amin desperate need of my bed. I take the twins up with me and put them into their cots, luckily without waking them as I slip into a well needed sleep.

When I awake I look at my phone to see it is about 9:30. I get out of bed and see Jace and Leo already awake, standing in thier cots. I take them downstairs and put them onto a play mat before taking a seat om the sofa next to auntie Kat. I decide i want to go for a walk, to look around where i am now living, and see what's about. Auntie Kat offers to look after Jace and Leo but i wanted to take them with me. I went upstairs and got dressed in my black skinny jeans and a white baseball style top with black sleeves. I brushed my long brown with purple ombre hair and fishtailed it to the side. Then i got to work on dressing the twins, Once I was done I carried them downstairs, put them into their pushchair, slipped on my black vans, and headed out the door after saying bye to everyone.

A few hours later and I was dying from the heat, I walked to a starbucks and got an Iced Vanilla Latte, and a bottle of water. Whilst holding Leo's sippy cup up so he could drink, Jace decided to throw some of his things out of the pram. As I struggled to keep hold of Leo and reach for the things on the floor a hand came and handed me my things. I look up and see a beautiful dirty-blond curly-haired boy before me. I shyly smile back at him and thank him. "Need a hand?" Oh. And the Aussie accent. I'm not used to this. By now Jace is crying, and loudly. Oh the joys of being a teen mum. "Um, sure, i mean, if you don't mind." I say kind of shyly, looking down. "Not at all" He smiles cutely. And as soon as he picks Jace out of the pushchair he stops crying, why can't it be that easy for me? "How on earth did you do do that?" I ask looking at him as if he is God. "I don't really know, I guess I'm a natural" He winks. "So, what's your name? and who are these cuties?" The boy asks looking at me and then the twins. "Oh, I'm Maisie, and these are my twin brothers Jace and Leo." Fuck Maisie what did you just do? You were supposed to be starting a fresh with no lies and on your first day you tell a pretty huge lie. These aren't your brothers, these are your children. I'm not sure why i did it, i guess i just didn't want him to think I was a slut, I mean, I'm not, if you hear the story, but I guess I just wanted acceptance. "And what's your name?" I asked tryinng to act as though I hadn't just lied to him. "I'm Ashton, how long have you lived here? I guess by your accent you're from Englnad?" He questions. "Um, yeah, I am! and I moved here yesterday." "Oh cool! Who with? You're parents?" "Um no, just these two, I moved in my my aunt, uncle and cousins." He gave me a questioning look but didn't ask anything more.


Hi so this is my first fanfic! please be nice i know it will probably be bad atm, but it should *fingers crossed* get better! please vote and share!:)

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