Secrets (An Ashton Irwin fanfic)


1. Chapter 1

I was awoken by a loud noise, however it was not my alarm clock, but the sound of a baby crying. I sighed as I rolled over to look at the time 5:17 am. I got out of bed and walked into the twin’s room, picking them up one at a time and taking them through into my room before placing them onto my bed. Yes, I’m 17 and have twin sons, Leo and Jace, but you don’t know my backstory so who are you to judge, right?

Once they had calmed down I put them onto their play mat on the floor and headed to the bathroom for a shower, seeing as I had a busy - very busy- day, I thought I may as well just get cracking. When I got out I wrapped a towel around my body, brushed my teeth, and headed to back into my room. I dried myself before getting changed into the clothes I had left out to change into.

Once I was changed I blow dried my hair and moisturised my face. I put the twins back on my bed and sat next to them, getting out my laptop and opening Skype. I text my auntie and told her to come on and she did. As soon as she was online I rang her and she accepted the call straight away. "MAISIE! You excited?" she said pretty much as soon as the call connected "Yeah, of course I am! Can't wait to get out of this place and move to Sydney t live with you guys! I have missed you so much!" I confess. Ever since my Aunt, Uncle and my cousins moved to Australia 5 years ago a lot has happened. And by a lot, I mean A LOT.

They used to live in the same street as us and I used to visit them every day, then my uncle got a promotion, all the way in Australia so they all left, which I was gutted about, even though I was only 12 at the time. "Good, we've got everything ready, time to leave all the bad memories behind and focus on the future. Besides, you will love the weather here, way better than back home in the rain and the cold all day, every day. Everything will be alright once you get here." She assured. "I hope so." I said looking down slightly. She gave me a reassuring smile which made me give a smile in return. "So have you got all your remaining things packed ready to go?" "Yeah, just some clothes, toiletries and some baby stuff to go." "Okay well I will let you get on with it, see you soon! Love you" "Love you too"

And with that the call disconnected. I shut down my laptop and put it inside my open suitcase next to my bed. I threw in my remaining clothes, the babies remaining clothes and my toiletries, before closing it shut. Most of my stuff had already been shipped to Australia and was there waiting for me. I bathed the twins and got them changed into warmer clothes. I placed them into their pushchair and took a last wander around the place I called home my whole life. Just as a tear escaped my eye I hear a car horn beep outside.

I open the door and see the taxi awaiting me on the path outside my house. I push the twins' pushchair to the car and put them into the car. I folded up the pushchair and put it into the boot of the car, as the driver got my suitcase and put it in beside the pushchair. I got into the passenger seat and put my handbag by my feet. "Where to?" The driver asked. "Heathrow please." I smiled at the driver. After an hour drive we arrived at Heathrow. I thanked and paid the driver before making my way inside the airport. I checked my bags in as quickly as possible, after all, holding a handbag whilst pulling a suitcase and pushing a twin pushchair is quite difficult. Before I knew it I was boarding the plane and was off to Australia to live my life.

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