Runaway baby


2. theme park madness

Today my cousin Jess and I are going to the local theme park to have a fun Saturday with no wifi I don't think that's possible for me though...

As I dragged out of bed from my uninvited alarm beeping it's lungs out I had a shower and changed into my numbered 82 t shirt with some ripped jeans and my hair in a sock bun.

Hop in sistah! Yelled my fave cousin which I could just say friend. Jamming shake it off by Taylor swift was funny because I hardly knew the lyrics so that's what made it funny.

"That would be $50 dollars" said the guy with the golf cap. "Should we get something to eat first or go on some rides first?" "Ummm we should go on some rides first!" I replied with excitement

"I'm so dizzy I could go back on!" Screamed Jess so I could just hear her from the rides going crazy.

Jessicas POV

Damn he's hot! Everyone I have seen lately are so hot! But I don't think we should talk about boys. "This hot dog is yummy!" "I know right!" I replied back

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