Runaway baby


3. school😴

Today I have school which I'm not happy about but oh well let's just get this over with.

As I chucked on my skinny jeans and and my fault in our stars crop top with a big cardigan I thought I looked pretty good for once.

"Where were you?!" Some bitch slammed me against my locket actually hahah "i don't know when?" I was scared for life I couldn't see "don't answer me back" she pushed me into the janitors closet and started slapping me until...

-------- "Mum!!!!!?????" "Hannah honey your mum Isn't here!" I was worried I had no clue what just happened "where is she?!" I finally started to see the teachers? "She's home?" Oh yeah that's right " oh right okay thanks for this bye!" As I ran off I felt someone push me to the ground "EW GO TO HELL!" The bullies at school started to yell at me like always. I ran out of school even though It was raining. I ran until I didn't know where I was and I dropped all my school supplies and collapsed I HAVE HAD ENOUGH I HARE MY LIFE! I got my blade out started. I have to for my own cause..

Then a car arrived "oh no I hope it's not miss Misty Evans" A decent looking boy came up to me and asked me if I was alright "fine thanks couldn't be better" he looked deep into my eyes and asked "come to dry up at my house" I don't know what to say so I quickly put my razor away so he didn't see luckily he didn't " okay.." I replied with no strength to get up. As I got in his car I told him "I'm not homeless by the way " he chuckled I loved his lip ring it was nice and punk.

His house was like a mansion "WOW!" He laughed like it was nothing it was crazy big!

"Put your shoes in that little box there"he said by opening the lid what gentlemen he is!

Would you like a drink? He asked me like he was a waiter "no thanks" so the. He sat down and he saw my wrists he came up to me and said "if I didn't pick you up you wouldn't be alive won't you?" He said with tears In his eyes "I guessed no I wanted to leave this planet my life is a mess I hate it!" He started to hold my hands and kiss them " Pass them here miss" he chuckled I guess I should give it to him.

I guess I better get going.. " where do you live I can take you?" I sighed I just remembered our house is gone . " no I'm fine I can walk" " are you sure?" He said because it has fined up I will just go by a bush " yup" I walked out still a bit damp I waved and said our goodbyes and I decided to just sleep outside by his bush.

Luke's P.O.V

She was beautiful why did she cut herself? She had bruises everywhere! Poor girl when she walked out she just layed beside the bush outside my house? Is she homeless!? "Hannah! Come back!" She sighed and ran up to my porch "what?" I didnt know how to reply " are you homeless??" I felt bad saying this "well know I am but I don't know whats happening my house is gone" I started to get watery eyes "come sleep In here i have a spare bed" "really?!!! " she sounded happy I said "yes I'm positive"

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