Remember The Pain // Cake Fanfic

On Luke Hemmings 18th birthday, something sparked between Luke and Calum Hood. Since they were both drunk, the memories are blank from that night. They slowly recall events from that night as flashbacks ignite the sparks of their emotions. As they go on this crazy roller coaster ride they discover what they feel for each other.

Will this be the start of a lustful adventure or the end of an amazing friendship?


1. Prologue

Calum POV~

"Calummm, babeeee." I hear from a teasing Luke Hemmings. I moaned in displeasure since I had just woken up. "Wake up!" Luke growled. I blinked a few times adjusting to the sun light soaking into the hotel room. "Where's Mikey and Ash?" I said while looking around the room. "They went to go get something from a store... Something like that." Luke trailed off. "But you know... It's just me and you babe." A raspy voiced Luke said.

I blushed at the comment he had said in a somewhat attractive tone of voice. "Ha ha funny 'babe'." As I air quoted the word babe.

We were always like this, so close and always knew what to say and what to do. It never really got awkward. It's been about 2 days since Lukes 18th birthday passed and the memories that came with it still lingered in my mind. That night Luke got drunk and since it was his birthday we approved. I had a couple shots, some beer and was slightly drunk also. The last thing I remember is Luke being wasted and slamming me into the wall and crashing his lips against mine. But that's all I remember and that's all it took to get me nervous and second thinking my feelings about Luke. I'm not sure if I think of him as a friend... Or More than a friend.

I snapped out of my thoughts by a shirtless Luke in only his boxers cuddling up to me. "Hey Luke, do you remember anything that happened on your birthday after you got drunk?" I questioned avoiding his eyes. His blue eyes wandered aimlessly trying to recall memories. "Nope it's all a blur." He said giving a soft smile. "Did you remember anything Cal?" I looked away and shook my head as in a 'No'.

I don't know when to tell him and if I should ever tell him...

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