Remember The Pain // Cake Fanfic

On Luke Hemmings 18th birthday, something sparked between Luke and Calum Hood. Since they were both drunk, the memories are blank from that night. They slowly recall events from that night as flashbacks ignite the sparks of their emotions. As they go on this crazy roller coaster ride they discover what they feel for each other.

Will this be the start of a lustful adventure or the end of an amazing friendship?


2. Chapter 1

Luke's POV ~

I could tell something has been bothering Calum ever since my birthday and I don't know why. I'm getting worried and I care a lot about him... I plunged onto my bed staring at the ceiling thinking about what could've happened and why he's acting strangely.

Minutes later I got a text from Ashton

'Get ready for band practice. Me and Michael will be there in a little while. After practice were gonna chill at Calum's house. Sound good to you, Lukey? (:' Maybe this time when I see Calum I can ask him what's wrong and work things out.

'Yeah see you guys soon.'

After band we hung out like usual. Michael and Ashton were playing FIFA even though ash wasn't good at it. Calum was watching and laughing at Ash. My mind was full of thoughts, and I wasn't focusing on the others. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Calum.

"Luke can we talk?" Calum said avoiding my gaze. I nodded in reply getting a nervous feeling.

Calum's POV ~

I decided it was time to tell Luke what I remembered from that night. 3 days have passed and I have had a flashback from that night.


"Luke... What are you doing? Are you drunk?" I yelled over the blaring music. Luke had just crashed his lips into mine.

"Cal, I have had this little crush on you for a while now... I never thought I would like my lad more than a friend." He slurred his words and laughed. I smelled the alcohol on his breath when he talked. He was drunk and what he's saying wouldn't matter because he wouldn't remember anyways.

"Cal why do you have to have those amazing brown eyes and an amazing body..." Luke smiled faintly.

*flashback end*

"Luke, on your birthday you got wasted and... Y-you did some weird things..." I stuttered and looked glanced at Luke. His emotion looked confused and curious.

"Like what things?"

"You kissed me..." I looked down at the floor avoiding his beautiful blue eyes. A few moments passed which felt like forever and I grew disappointed at the silence. Maybe I may be developing feelings for him... Ever since that kiss I can't help but feel a different emotion around Luke than what i felt before.

"You also said you like me, more than a friend." He looked at me and then looked away.

"Calum..." He looked at me and walked towards me. I felt my heart race and I tensed at his actions. He pulled me close and hugged me tightly, and passionately.

"I do like you more than a friend. I guess maybe when your drunk, you happen to say more..." He laughed but still kept his grip on me. I felt his heartbeat that was going as fast as mine. I felt my cheeks warm up from his words. I stood there motionless still shocked from everything that just happened but quickly embraced him.

"You and your blue eyes and perfect voice, Luke." I blushed even more as I said that. Causing us to both laugh.



Yeah so I hope you guys liked this chapter and I reassure you, there are exciting things to come don't worry!😅 Thanks you guys, love you.❤️ -LaLa Luke

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