Charlie is a 18 year old girl and has a perfect life, shes popular, has great friends and is the girlfriend to the hottest guy in school Louis.
But one day has been told about her best friend and boyfriend that will bring her world crashing down.


1. Perfect Life


I'm Charlie Jana and I'm 18, I go to West Side High School and have a perfect life, I'm popular, have great friends and the girlfriend to the hottest guy in school Louis Tomlinsion we are the cutest couple in school and everyone knows it but one day everything goes wrong and my world comes crashing down.

Its a Monday and I walk into school with my best friends Madi, Jess, Abbie and Sydney I spot Louis and walk up to him he's wearing his blue jeans, white shirt and denim jacket I huge him and think that he's everything that I could ask for PERFECT!!


I see Charlie walk towards me fine I think to myself just fine 

"Hey babe how u doin" I say to her

She replies back with a gentle but passionate kiss and I never want to let go but of course the bell rang. As I make my way down the corridor to my locker I was talking to my mate Callum about Jake's party on the weekend 

"It's gonna be the party of the year" he says getting out his books

"Yeh mate, music,drinks, and best of all girls" I say as we laugh and head off to class 


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