A Collection Of Short Horror Stories

This a collection of short horror stories that are bound to scare the crap out of you.


34. Summer's Smile

Summer is the prettiest girl in my class. It's her birthday soon. She's going to be 10 years old so I wanted to make her a special present during play-time. Instead I got called to the headteacher's office. I don't like her - she's big and scary - she spent the whole of play-time shouting at me and being mean, telling me to stop messing around in lessons and to act my age. I hate her.

I went straight back to class all miserable and headed straight for my table without looking anyone in the eye – I was so upset! Luckily there was one thing that cheered me up immediately – I saw Summer. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. I hate school but I’d come here every day just to see her smile.

At lunchtime I stepped outside I saw one of the boys in my class push Summer to the floor. He laughed in her face and she started crying. I felt angrier than I had ever felt in my life. A few minutes later I saw him going into the toilet… so I followed him in. I smashed his head against the sink and he fell to the ground. He tried to scream but I grabbed his throat and squeezed as hard as I could. Nobody does that to my beautiful Summer. Very soon he stopped struggling.

I went outside and found Summer, “I took care of that mean boy for you, he won’t be bothering you anymore”.

She smiled at me and said “Thank you Mr. Bainbridge… you’re the best teacher in the world”.


(From Reddit)

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