A Collection Of Short Horror Stories

This a collection of short horror stories that are bound to scare the crap out of you.


37. Only a Good Boy . . .

The boy looked into the mirror longingly. The lady was so beautiful, so kind. Her hair flowed like an underwater dream within the old floor-length mirror. He touched the cold glass, moving closer to try and get a better look at her.

"only a good boy with the tenderest of hearts can break the spell."

He leaned closer. His heart was pure. He was a good boy. He could free the pretty lady.

"bring to the mirror Solanum tuberosum, of the family nightshade, and Allium cepa, and offer it to free me."

Such big words, but the boy was smart, and knew the special leather-bound books his Daddy had on the shelf - the ones with all of the wondrous picture from all the land - would have all the answers. Soon, a small excursion with his mother to the market, and he had what he needed. With joy and excitement, the boy ran to the mirror in the attic, and placed the objects in front of it. The beautiful lady soon appeared, smiling at him.

She reached out, laying her hand against the mirror.

The boy placed his hand against the glass, almost as if...

Their hands touched! The boy smiled big. He was a good boy.

She clasped his hand in hers.

"Ah, the boy with the tenderest of hearts... it will be perfect with these onions and potatoes."


(From Reddit)

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