A Collection Of Short Horror Stories

This a collection of short horror stories that are bound to scare the crap out of you.


38. Monsters

"Maye, how are we today?", Dr. Cheng greets me as I sit down on the couch. "Great, I've never felt so positive before", I reply. "So, last day huh?", He smiles and I do too. "Let's talk about moving on and how you feel about the past today, shall we?", He asks. I nod.

I can't pinpoint exactly when I began to see the monsters, their eyes so red and that horrifying smile I can never shake off my mind. I've tried so hard to recall an incident that might have triggered them, but I've had a pleasant life and have not had to deal with any childhood trauma or anything like that. Dr. Cheng even tried Hypnotherapy, it did not work. Maybe they just gradually appeared, through stories I heard and just got worse from there.

But that was then, I don't see the monsters anymore, haven't for 3 months, I know I'm getting better. Dr. Cheng has helped me a lot and so have my family and friends, I am scared of moving on but I know they will all support me, after all they did when I believed the monsters were real. And that is exactly what I say to Dr. Cheng.

He nods and notes something down on his notepad. "So, you don't believe that the monsters are real anymore?", he asks. "No, I know that they aren't real, I guess the pills made them go away", I joke. He smiles a tight lipped smile and notes something on his pad, again. "Are you ready to move on, then?" He asks, still scribbling. "Like I said, the monsters were not real, I know that now, they were just a figment of my imagination." He stops scribbling and looks at me, his eyes bright red, "is that so?", he smiles that crooked smile.


(From Reddit)

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