A Collection Of Short Horror Stories

This a collection of short horror stories that are bound to scare the crap out of you.


17. House Sitting

Jessica jogged across the parking lot towards her car. 2:30 am. Another late shift. She unlocked the door and climbed in, tossing her bag and jacket on the passenger seat. She started the car and fastened her seat belt. As she pulled out of the parking lot, her phone rang. Jessica answered the call and put it on speaker.

“Hi, mom”

“Hi, sweetie. We just landed. Your dad is getting the bags and says ‘Hi’.”

“I’m glad you got there safe. Now you can start to relax a bit!”

“I know, an entire week to ourselves, I can’t tell you how much we’ve needed this! There is more than enough food to last you the week, but there is some cash in the kitchen drawer if you need anything.”

“Mom, I have a job, you know! Besides, house sitting is the least I can do for you. Plus, I can’t wait to try out that new shower!”

“And we appreciate it, Jess. Hey, I have to go but we’ll call you tomorrow if we can.”

“No worries, Tell dad I said ‘Hi’ back. Love you guys”

“We love you, too. Bye, Jess”

“Bye, mom”

Jessica disconnected the call as she pulled into her parents’ driveway. She waited patiently for the garage door to fully open before pulling in, and waited again for it to fully close before shutting off the car.
She gathered her things off the passenger seat and went inside.

I waited a few minutes before I climbed out of the back seat. 

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