A Collection Of Short Horror Stories

This a collection of short horror stories that are bound to scare the crap out of you.


36. Foresight

(a/n: not really scary but I like it)

I don't know HOW someone is going to die. I only know WHEN.

I have this 'sense'. Simply, the way you look at someone and KNOW someone's height, or hair color, I KNOW when someone will die. It's hard to describe in more detail.

Growing up with elderly relatives living nearby, I saw repeatedly my 'sense' was accurate.

It never bothered me until Kelly, who had two months to live when we met. She had no illnesses, no conditions, but I felt sorry for her, and befriended her.

I was devastated the day I saw her and knew she had hours.

"Hey, let's go get our bikes!" she said, jumping up. I smiled at her, knowing it was almost her time.

"What if...we just stay inside today?" I asked, on a hunch. She nodded, and suddenly I KNEW she had 48 years.

Thus I learned that occasionally, my actions could change fate. Over time, I would attempt to use my 'sense' to affect those I knew were near death, though it often failed.

One day, I came home ecstatic, after spending hours talking to a depressed friend, and seeing his clock change from hours to decades.

I kissed my wife passionately when I walked in the door. I was in a fantastic mood, loving life, as I scooped her up off her feet as soon as I crossed the threshold. I took her back to the bedroom and began to get undressed.

As we finished our lovemaking, I closed my eyes, losing myself in her. When I opened them, I looked into her eyes.

And suddenly, I KNEW she had nine months to live.

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