Mistakes. Once they are committed, they are irreversible.

Michael Clifford is the new kid at school, but gladly its his senior year. All he wants is to get by this year and leave back to Sydney Australia. However, his life turns into chaos the minute his eyes meet Camila Cabello. He doesn't know much about this girl, except the fact that the whole school has something against her. But he will soon wish he never met her once he finds out who she really is.


3. Schedules

"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity," - Pluto

As soon as I step into Los Angeles High School, I see pure chaos. There are students running up and down hallways and football players trying to catch the attention of some pretty girls nearby. No one notices my presence, and I keep walking trying to find the front office. After a few wrong turns I finally found it.

"Um, hi I'm new here and I was wondering if my schedule was ready?" I ask the secretary with raven black hair pulled into a tight bun. She looks up from what she is doing and glances at me. "What's your name?" She asks me, returning her gaze to her computer screen.

"Michael, Michael Clifford," I say a little too loudly. My nerves are getting the best of me and I know I need to calm down. I'm usually really relaxed but today I'm just all over the place.

The secretary scrolls with her mouse and types things into her computer. After a few minutes she gives me an answer, "Nope, but I’ll have it ready in a few minutes, please have a seat over there." She ponits to some plastic chairs resting at the back of the office. With a sigh I walk over to the chairs near the entrance of the office. I sit down and sit my backpack on the chair next to me.

A few seconds later I hear the school bell ring. I suspect that it means class will start in a couple of minutes. Great, nothing is better than being late on your first day of school and walking in like a knob into class, while everyone directs their attention to you. I sit waiting impatiently, wishing the secretary will hurry it up.

I am losing my mind when the second bell goes off.  I hear the door to the office open. I look up to see a brunette step in, hair reaches down to her waist, she is small in height, and wears a pink skirt and white blouse. Her face is intriguing, she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, big brown eyes.She catches me staring, and smiles. I have no idea what to do so I sit there like an idiot and continue staring at her. She walks on by me and starts a conversation with the secretary.

“Hi Margo, how’s it going?” the girl asks in a low whisper, leaning on the high desk that hides the secretary.

“Good, Camila, how was your summer?” Camila, that’s her name. I have never heard of that name before in my life to be honest. It suits her though, it sounds gentle and sweet. “Well okay I guess, I spent most of it indoors reading, trying to hide.” She states and leans on her elbows. Hide? Hide from what? What could a beautiful girl like her be hiding from?

“Oh sweetie, you shouldn’t let them get to you like that just ignore them and keep your head up,” the secretary tells her. Camila smiles at her, and Margo returns the gesture.

“It’s easier said than done Margo, but I guess I’ll try it this year, anyway I wanted to see if i may speak to Mr. Gonzalez?” Camila ask the secretary. Margo seems a little unsure of Camila's request but she nods in reassurence to Camila, “Sure sweetie, just knock before you enter,” and with a simple thank you, Camila disappears into the office.

I am left alone waiting for my schedule to be ready, and after what seems like hours later, my name is called. I quickly walk up to the front desk to receive my schedule. Margo explains it to me and gives me a map of the school. She tells me I already missed first period so I need to go to my second class. I’m about to leave the office when I hear her, Camila.

 “What? What do you mean no, you can’t do this to me, please!” is all I hear from the principal’s office. Margo gets up from her desk and puts her ear to the door. I decide to get out before I get dragged into anything that does not concern me.

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