Mistakes. Once they are committed, they are irreversible.

Michael Clifford is the new kid at school, but gladly its his senior year. All he wants is to get by this year and leave back to Sydney Australia. However, his life turns into chaos the minute his eyes meet Camila Cabello. He doesn't know much about this girl, except the fact that the whole school has something against her. But he will soon wish he never met her once he finds out who she really is.


2. New Beginnnig

9 months before


"Michael wake up! Your going to be late for school," I hear my mum yell.
I groan not wanting to get up out of bed. I hate getting up so early in the morning, its plain stupid I mean hasn't school boards ever heard of something called sleep?


I lay in bed for a few more minutes, trying to wake up a bit. I get out of bed to go take a shower, maybe it will wake me up. As I step into the shower, the water immediately relaxes my whole body. My mind drifts of to different places in my mind while I wash my hair.


My thoughts are everywhere this morning, I am extremely nervous about today. It's the first day to my last year in high school, and to make things all more stressful is the fact I'm going to be the new kid. Just the thought of it makes my stomach turn to knots and makes me not even want to step out of the shower.


"Michael! I'm not going to tell you again to hurry up, your going to be late!" My mum pounds on the bathroom door. 


"I'm going!" God, she could be annoying sometimes. I quickly step out of the shower and get dressed. I decide on wearing a normal black t-shirt with black jeans, and my black and white converse. Soon I'm done fixing my hair. I head down stairs to meet my mum.


"It's about time, now do you have everything ready? Do you have your school supplies, phone, documents, everything?" She questions me. My mother has always had the weird tendency to worry a little too much about things.


"Yes mum, don't worry I do, now I can please go now? I'm going to be late remember," I give her a kiss on the cheek before slinging my backpack over my shoulder and head toward the front door.


"Are you sure you don't need me to come with you to make sure you get everything settled in?" She ask me even though she knows the answer will be no. I turn and give her a reassuring smile, hoping to ease her nerves, "No, it's fine i got it, bye," I quickly walk out the door before she holds me back any longer.


My new high school should be just two blocks away not to far. The walk to school is quiet and peaceful, the sun is out and penetrating onto me. It probably wasn't a smart idea to wear all black in the middle of September, but despite the heat I keep walking.


As I near the school I start to grow extremely nervous. I have never been the new kid at school and I'm not sure what to expect. I have lived in Australia for all my life and after my parents got their divorce finalized I never expected for my mother and I to move to L.A. I pray that everything will be fine and i hope to at least make one new friend. If everything goes fine today, then the rest of the year won't be as bad I tell myself.


The first day of school is always the hardest, it can only get easier from there. I am standing near the entrance of the school, I take a deep breath before taking another step toward my new beginning. Here it goes, I'm ready for a  new start. However it was just the beginning of hell for me.


a/n: Update because this has been a tough week and it's barely Tuesday. Please like and comment what you think:) - Pris

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