Mistakes. Once they are committed, they are irreversible.

Michael Clifford is the new kid at school, but gladly its his senior year. All he wants is to get by this year and leave back to Sydney Australia. However, his life turns into chaos the minute his eyes meet Camila Cabello. He doesn't know much about this girl, except the fact that the whole school has something against her. But he will soon wish he never met her once he finds out who she really is.


1. Faults

"More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them," Harold J.Smith


"Good Morning Mr. Clifford," a short man in a suit, who went by Dr. Hoffman, said to the young boy sitting on the couch in front of him.


He received no response from the teenager sitting across from him. The lack of response didn't surprise him at all, since he had been doing the same thing every Tuesday and Thursday for 4 months straight. The young man with colorful hair would come in, sit on the couch, and stare at the ceiling with no emotion written on his face. He would just stare into oblivion, as if he were part of the dead. Sighing, Dr. Hoffman thought it was about time to end these pointless appointments with the young man.


"Mr. Clifford, since you refuse to speak to me during every single visit, I'm going to ask you not to come by anymore. I have other patients to take care of who actually want my assistance, therefore, instead of wasting my time and yours as well, I would like to please ask you to-,"


"Have you ever made a mistake," the young man suddenly asked, his voice sounding strained and distant.


"Um, well yes of course I have, Mr. Clifford, it is in human nature to make mistakes," responded Dr. Hoffman clearly surprised by Mr. Clifford's sudden words.


"No, I mean like a mistake that you can never fix or take back," Michael responded, trying to get the old man to understand.


"Well, yes of course I have, we all have our faults to regret, but what is the whole point of this question of yours?" Dr. Hoffman nearly jumped in his chair, eager to get the young man to open up.


He reached out to pickup a brown notepad, resting on the coffee table. He wanted to write down whatever this boy had to say, for months all the doctor wanted to do was know what was passing through the boy's mind. This was his chance.


"Do you honestly want to hear about my stupidity over the past year? Do you want to sit there and listen what a terrible person I am, and how my life came to ruins in just a couple of months?" Michael shifted to a sitting position on the couch, glaring at the funny looking man sitting on the other side of the room.


"Well of course I do, that's what I am here for," Dr. Hoffman said, giving him a warm smile.


"If you insist." Michael thought for a while wondering where to even begin to, and he decided to just go with a simple approach, "it all started when I moved from Sydney to L.A. with my mum..." As Michael began to speak, his thoughts begin to connect. The box of memories he has tried hard to keep sealed in his mind is now opening, and every single event that had occurred only a little less than a year ago started to pour out like a river spilling into an ocean. Something that he had been trying to forget for the past 4 months was coming to the light.


a/n: Awkward first chapter...but yeah please let me know what you think, I would love some feedback.

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