Hey my name is Samantha and I'm 15 I'm originally from america but before my parents died we moved to the UK and that's where i am now. Here's my story of how i got put in this lame orphanage and how i got adopted and who adopted me :) hope you enjoy


2. good day turned into a bad day

Samantha's pov

"Honey wake up you have to get ready for school" i hear my mom say "mom do i HAVE to go?" I don't want to go to that horrible place! Everyday people stare at me and call me names i hate it there." Honey,yes you do you have no choice" " fine" with that she leaves satisfied. I get up out of my very comfortable bed and look outside and see it's raining great, i go to my closet and get my skinny jeans and hoody and go and take a shower. After i get ready i grab my phone and book bag and head down stairs to grab something to eat before i have to leave to go to school. I cant find anything to eat ugh " MOOOOMMMMM!!!!" " yes sweetie" " there is NOTHING to eat" she just looks at me and smiles " what??" Im so confused is there something on my face? " nothing honey you just look so beautiful" " thanks mom and where's dad?" " he left early this morning to go to work" "oh well i have to go or im going to be late" " ok bye sweetie oh and let me get you some money for breakfast" she runs and gets her purse and give me $20 " thanks mom bye love you"


Hey guys my phone is being stupid and deleting what i write so sorry it cute off were it does


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