4. 5SOS Preferences

How you react when he cries plus reason


You where at five seconds of summer's performance in LA and right in the front row. You see calum dedicate voodoo doll to you. During the middle of his solo you see calum start to cry. You look around and see a poster that says "Calum you should quit 5SOS you just the bassist you don't deserve any of this fame. You're so stupid." Michael turns to calum to see him crying and Signaled Ashton quit playing the drums and he told Luke quietly. You walked right up to the girl and said "you don't deserve to go to this concert you and spend all this money to go to the concert just to tell Calum the negative stuff!" You heard Michael yell "security!" When security through the girl out you ran up to Calum and gave him the biggest hug of his life and whispered in his ear "babe you deserve all the fame you're not stupid because you picked out me the best girlfriend in the world. I love you!" And you kissed him. "Love you too babe sorry The haters will get to me sometimes." Calum said hugging you tighter.


(this one's going to be very short and very sweet so don't expect it to be as long as calum's)

You were sitting right in the front row during 5SOS' performance at the VMAs. when you notice Luke step back and start crying. You knew there were tears of joy but you just had to hug him. After the performance you ran right up to Luke and give him the biggest hug. "I love you Luke you were so Great one of your best performances yet!" You said to Luke kissing him. "I love you too now let's do something fun!" Luke said and you know exactly what he was thinking of doing for the rest of the night.


Your backstage waiting for Michael to return from the concert they had just performed. Michael came back in tears. "hey what's wrong what happened?" You said to Michael with concern. He didn't reply but Luke did saying "he was so used to you being in the front row and he forgot that you were right here backstage so he thought you broke up with him and bursted into tears and now there tears of joy because now he just remembered that you were back here. Don't worry I already called him an idiot." You ran to Michael and started hugging him "Babe you're such an idiot you know I wouldn't break up with you." You said to Michael and he quickly replied " that's my shirt says Who knew it would actually be true?" "Everyone did babe everyone did. But you're my idiot and I'm your idiot I love you Michael Idiot Clifford." You said kissing him


You were sitting backstage when Ashton came back in tears "Babe was wrong what happened?" you said to Ashton very fast while hugging him "A hater that I don't deserve to be in five seconds of summer and that I'm just the drummer I don't even sing any more and then I'm an ugly ass bitch and I'm so f@;?ing fat and stupid!" Ashton said crying on your shoulder, "Babe you're not any of that stuff people can be bitches sometimes just don't let it bother you I love you and that's all that matters right now." You said making out with Ashton trying to make him feel better.

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