Jordan's Cover Store!

Details of what I need in Chapter 1!


1. Rules!

~ R u l e s ~


Okay, so this is my cover store. I'll upload some examples in the next chapter, but for right now, I'll tell you the rules.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

1. The people have to be an actress, actor OR celebrity.

You can't just comment, "Character: Random boy from tumblr."


2. Tell me when you need it done.

What I mean by this is when the deadline is, so I have enough time to finish it. You can't tell me, "Today," because I kinda have a life. 'Tomorrow' gives me enough time, but 'Today' doesn't.


3. Please use my covers.

I work really hard on them, and it kinda hurts when you don't use them. I put time into this, even if I'm supposed to be doing something else. So, pretty please, use the covers I make you. You can always ask for a re-do.


4. The requirements!

What I need to do the covers-


Title of your movella


Quote (optional)

Mood (Happy, sad, etc.)


(Optional!) Details or blurb from the book


Thanks for looking at this! Just comment down below if you want a cover!

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