Blood Secrets

a girl and 5 of her powerful friends are on the hunt to find what ever it is there looking for


1. This Is Me

  My name is Alyssa and im not a normal person but who is really? But im different and I love that im different cuz no one elas is like me and never will be. I know there are 5 more people out there that are like me but I have evil in me and it will never come out of me well when I die it will but im not planning on that. im a witch but im not a nice or a mean one I would just say im reckless. Today im going out to find the other 5 people and im wondering if they know that they have powers but there powers and pure earth mine are all my felling's in one it could be bad but I don't know. You better wish me some luck or I could die on my trip but not really.

  I live in a house in Sunnydale so ill just call them with my powers. I sit in the middle of my bedroom floor canting bring them to me one by one until there all here. I stop and by the next week or so they all should be here. im 18 and live alone but im good at keeping myself alive but im not so sure about the 5 that are coming to me. I hope they are cuz I really don't want to take care of any more people but they could live here for sure I have like a 10 bedroom house that I don't have to pay for because its invisible unless I want it to be or a witch is looking at it and im hoping we are the only 6 alive to this day.

 three days latter.....

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