Working The Network

People in the Homeless Network have started to disappear and it is up to Sherlock to figure out what is going on. (This story is also published on Tumblr).
Y/N = Your Name
Y/H/C= Your Hair colour
Y/E/C= Your Eye Colour
.........I'm pretty sure you get the rest


1. New Assignment

"So, you're back." Sherlock said as you walked into the room. He didn't look up from his paperwork on the kitchen table as you entered the space. He was wearing a black blazer and matching black pants with an off white almost cream colour shirt underneath. You looked at yourself and thought if you could look anymore decent looking. You had put on a baggy sweatshirt with the Manchester United logo on it and sweatpants as it was cold outside, and a thin layer of snow had covered the ground. You also had a toque covering your head and fingerless gloves covering your hands. Your Y/H/C, slightly dirty hair was up in a ponytail and tucked underneath your toque. On your feet, you had John's old military boots. They were roughly your size and you didn't have boots for winter months so when you came to join the Network, you were given those. You nodded to answer his question. You looked around, for the last time you were standing in this room you remembered it being a lot bigger, although the furniture was missing the last time you were here. "Well then, I take it that your last assignment went rather well." he glanced up and you were fumbling with your thumbs looking straight at him.

"T'was rather..." You started to say before you were interrupted by Sherlock who was probably in thought.

"You tried to do the right thing, it turned out not quite what you were planning for and that's why you are so hesitant here. It's alright, although that was your first case. I'll soon, maybe, send you on another if you so desire. The problem with that is I am so BORED! There have been no cases in the past three days, THREE DAYS! And Lestrade better be here soon with something or I will be after him in the ungodly hours of the night bothering him!" By now Sherlock was pacing throughout the room as you stood in the same spot you were in before not bothering to move incase you were to be targeted for Sherlock's next rant.

"Sherlock!" You hear a cry from behind yourself. Sherlock stopped pacing and faced your direction. You felt your heart skip a beat as Sherlock brushed past you to see who was calling his name.

"Yes, John. I'm dealing with someone from the Network now. Please, talk to me later."

"Mist'r Holmes," You start as he walked back into the living room and sat down in his chair, placing both hands in a prayer position underneath his chin.

"What?" he asked in a stern tone as he glanced towards me continuing to remain in that position. Quickly getting bored of that position he went to pacing.

"That's what I'm here to talk to you about, sir. One by one, the Homeless Network is becoming abducted. As in, we are being taken right off of the streets. It's why you haven't heard from Billy Wiggs in a week or two, or even Mr. Alistaire who works in my sector. Mist'r Holmes, I'm the only one left." Sherlock stopped pacing almost immediately after, turning around. He looked shell-shocked. He pressed his hands to the arms of his chair as he stood up, leaving a hand print in each arm. John came through the door and was standing behind you.

"Sherlock, what's going on. Mate, I know that face, and it says we are either in a lot of danger, or we are going to have a hell of a lot of fun. Preferably, I'm hoping its the latter." John passed you as he spoke nose crinkling in smelling my old clothes. You move your nose towards my clothes, trying to sniff them to see if they smelled bad. You was almost shocked that they didn't smell THAT bad. 

"The Homeless Network is disappearing," Sherlock said in an almost mono-tone voice. "And we need to see why." John took a seat in his chair and looked at Sherlock who had just exited the room and re-appeared with multiple cloth items folded and stacked upon one another. " Oh and, Y/N? Please go and shower."

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