Me and you thats all💜

This awful book written by me is about when luke hemmings has meet the person who he wants to spend everysingle second of his life with...


2. shopping 💁

A while after lauren and i got ready and had out breakfast lauren phoned chloe asking about what time that they would go shopping at i really wanted to go out with lauren cause i love to do stuff with her and buy her nice things and make her feel happy but i suppose i have to let her have some space.

So i asked lauren if she wanted me to take her and chloe down and then later i will come meet you and we can go look for something nice lauren replied "sure baby cakes knowing chloe we will probably get a Starbucks first haha" of course she will do you need any money? "No im not taking u money!stop get something nice for yourself" i have everything i need "shh get something anything" haha okays whatever you say what time do you need to get chloe at? "Well need to do my hair and..." You look beautiful the way you are baby "you are just saying that"

I dont know how she could possibly think that she is ugly or fat because she is just amazing every single piece of her it just makes me sad why she thinks that and thats why every morning i would say morning beautiful and ask her to marry me and i dont say that just for a laugh as soon as i meet her i bought a beautiful ring with small diamond hearts with a bigger diamond in the middle. When i seen it i knew it was the one lauren always said that she wanted flowers on her ring and dress i can imagine her wearing a big beautiful gown.

She went upstairs and got ready about 30mins we left the house and went to chloes her and lauren were talking about florida i was a bit, but not as much it will be chloes first time going and she will be going with her bestfriend which is nice. To be honest i cant wait to get away for 2 weeks with my favourite person on the earth and just be able to do anything we want. Its also be good because the boys are going because it will be good going on all the scary rides. I dont know if chloe will like them but lauren loves them we would scream so loud and we wouldnt stop laughing especially on the tower of terror i think chloe will refuse to go on and Michael he will probably not go on!

I feel like the luckiest person in the world just because i have lauren. I want to know how much she loves me but it is hard to put it into words isnt it. Love is really complicated but with lauren i feel happy, alive, amazing. We arrived at the shopping mall and chloe got out me and lauren were still in the car she said "i love you lukey" she moved closer and kissed me i opened my eyes and then closed them and a moment later we both jumped chloe was knocking the window shouting hurry up we are supposed to be going shopping. I told her i will meet her at 1 o'clock because it was 11:40 so that would give her some time.

She blew me a kiss and said "bye baby see you soon". I replied back love you be safe, she laughed and closed the door they both waved and walked on it hurts sometimes when i leave her. I dont know how it happens it just does i think it is because i always want her to feel happy and i suppose i am over protective in some sort of way.

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