Me and you thats all💜

This awful book written by me is about when luke hemmings has meet the person who he wants to spend everysingle second of his life with...


1. it was the start

It was 8:00am and i just woke up infront of my favourite person in the entire world i was playing with her hair she was so beautiful. A few minutes later she woke up and i said "good morning beautiful how are you" she replied "yes baby" i said "thats good baby so is today the day your gonna marry me" she said "not today babes". Its not that she doesnt want to marry me she is only 19 and i am 4 years older. She wants to be a bit older before we do so that we can have children and have a life together forever and so her parents wont judge her.

I do understand because even though i love her with all my heart i want her to be the happiest person on the world. Lauren is different to any other person in the world she loves to cuddle and go on walks and she is so caring and funny. Ive never loved anyone as much as her she is just amazing. And just because i love her so so much her 20th birthday is soon and im taking her to her favourite place... Florida we went 2 years ago and she had the biggest smile on her face.

I went to Lauren's bestfriend chloe and asked her to come to celebrate and chloe was like screaming "awh Luke Youre so sweet" she yelped " we ate going to meet tinker bell arnt we!". I was just like "thanks and sure chloe of course we will" she was asking me tones of questions like, "how long are we going for, were are we staying, are the boys going, have you got tickets for disney, money you need MONEY". I was thinking in my head yeah got the tickets and money and then i was like oh my the boys! What will i do? I was thinking yeah i will invite the boys but will lauren approve? But lauren loves the boys which is great!

It was 3 weeks till laurens birthday and it was 8:30am and we just woke up i would say "heyah baby cakes did you sleep okay?" She would reply "yeap babes great hehe you" i usually have a good sleep unless i am in a really good mood or bad mood i was in quite a good mood so i got about 4hours of sleep. " I would ask her is today the day you want to get married babes?" She didnt reply for a minute and i was thinking really am i going to get married! But she said "i dont think today is the day babes" I said okay baby.

I was buzzing and no words were coming out and then i was like well i have some news!" She looked excited but puzzled i said "well babes you know the way you like this place called florida? Hmm" she was like screaming "yes yes what luke ahh WHAT did you do". I said "well it is your 20th birthday soon so you deserve something special" she yelped "oh my goodness Luke Hemmings you we beautiful boy ahhhh im so excited". she jumped on my stomach and hugged me really tight and said "you know i love you so so so much" i said "yes baby ino and i love you so so much more dont forget it" she said "i wont promise no crosses counted".

As soon as we got up she ran down the stairs and phoned her best friend chloe she said " chloe, chloe guess what" i forgot to to tell lauren that chloe was going so i knew then chloe was thinking nice one luke and played along. She said "what what happend tell me" she replied "CHLOE IM GOING TO FLORIDA ahhh" chloe said "oh my gosh Lauren guess what?" Lauren turned round to me and raised her eye brows up and said "what" she scrams "lauren im coming with you!!"

Lauren was screaming at this point and i was just thinking yes arnt i amazing lauren was so happy chloe said "i will let you go have fun haha and call me in an hour and we will go shopping" lauren replied "okays call you later!bye". The phone call ended and she ran over to me and give me a big hug and said "i love you so so much luke hemmings i must be the luckiest person ever thank you baby!" I replied i love you to but you know i am the luckiest she said "what do you mean bab" i have you baby lauren says "oh lukey your so sweet". Ino baby arnt i common lets get changed okays "okay, and is the boys coming?" Only if you want cause i don.. "Luke there coming haha".

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