Me and you thats all💜

This awful book written by me is about when luke hemmings has meet the person who he wants to spend everysingle second of his life with...


3. after that after

I went and meet lauren and chloe at starbucks, lauren had two full bags of clothes and shoes and so did chloe. I thought if i had left them on their own for two hours they would have got in hardly any shops but obviously not. We went to hollister and i got lauren a new pair of white shorts they looked really pretty in them. I was forced to get something for myself so i got a blue hollister top, a new tank top i wasnt allowed a new pair of jeans cause the last time i only wore them once over there.

My t-shirts were actually really nice but i wasnt buying to much to bring over because knowing lauren she will have no room left for her stuff. We went to jack wills and lauren tried on a dress i said it was really nice chloe said it was to "luke are you sure do i look fat in it?". "No! Lauren you are so pretty, i dont understand why you think you are fat and ugly look at yourself lauren." She went quiet and i said "baby you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen i am so so lucky to have you." She said "but luke..." I said "whats wrong baby". She sighed and said "there are over three million people that fancy you and i am only one, what about all them pretty girls out there?" I went over and kissed her "lauren stop putting yourself down i love you and thats it". She smiled and kissed me back "i love you to luke."

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