The Hufflepuff Party

This story is about the life of Hufflepuff, Rebecca. Rebecca soon finds that Hufflepuff are the most fun house their is with our their weird Hufflepuff party's, and how much they prank other kids. Even though Rebecca isn't too happy about going to Hufflepuff at first.


16. the party

the pranks were done but the party was just starting. Fifth years were passing out the cupcakes. Sasha was grabbing cupcakes for all of us. I drove right into the cupcake. It was better then my cupcakes at home. I always over cooked them.

I tried to spot Tasha or Katie but they were no where to be seen. All at once I felt a blast of ice cold run down my back. Water cans were everywhere pouring and pouring. "The dorms!" Someone yelled and we all ran over. It was the fastest I have ever ran. Once I ran over to my bed I stopped to catch my beath. Everyone was. Then like machine I was pushed into a bed, water coming down everywhere. The water finally stopped and a big Ravenclaw poster was right in front of me. 

I thought the pranks were done but they were really just starting. People were grabbing everything they could in boxes. I followed, having no idea what was going on now. It turns out we were planing. It was mostly the sixth and Seventh graders who thought it up.

The plan was in every book the Ravenclaws had we would put yellow flags in then to give them a warning. Next we started to cut up puts of the Ravenclaw sigh in their books to show them we are NOT kidding. Then pages of the books would be full of stickers because a lot of people grabbed coloring books. Next the pages would be black with Hufflepuff color. But all this was to get them away from the other bookshelf. Finally the seventh years would wire up thebookshelf to open with all the Ravenclaws textbooks. The Ravenclaws would go in and be stuck there.

it was perfect 

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