The Hufflepuff Party

This story is about the life of Hufflepuff, Rebecca. Rebecca soon finds that Hufflepuff are the most fun house their is with our their weird Hufflepuff party's, and how much they prank other kids. Even though Rebecca isn't too happy about going to Hufflepuff at first.


4. The last night.

Tomorrow I leave for hogwart and since this is the last night at home we are having a big dinner. I was still mad at Lex the Rex and everyone else so I wasn't in the mood for dinner. I have been watching what things i could break with my wand for an hour and still wasn't in the mood to stop it. So far I broke 3 vases, 1 picture, 5 chairs, 3 bowls, and 8 books. Most of that stuff was in lexi's room. (I was in while she was in the bathroom.) I bet my old grandma would be proud (my old grandma was my real one but since she was a crazy Hufflepuff we didn't count her as family.) My new grandma is so up tight you would never think of her as a good grandma.

My mom called dinner and only because I was really Hungry I came. My mom had made it so all the food had Ravenclaw things on it. The chicken read out RAVENCLAW RULES. I started to mash up the words with magic and failed so now it read ELSUR CRALVAEWN. My mom looked over and put it back to normal.

Owl was the next to come followed by oldest Chase. Lexi walked in with her wand after gluing all the stuff I broke back together. After all my family got there we began to eat which was my favorite part but then everyone started to talk. During that time I tried to find out how to make it spell lex the Rex on her plate. Finally I tried and spelled out nothing but a big fat line Appeared on her plate. Lexi cleaned it off and went back to eating. I was done first so i got up so I gotgo break   some more stuff but once I was up my mom said "ready then you can go to bed its late." It was only nine but I had no Choice but to go to my room. 

I got ready and slipped into my bed at 9:30. I was so really to get out of here I couldn't wait till the train would come and take me to Hogwarts soon around ten I fell asleep.

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