The Hufflepuff Party

This story is about the life of Hufflepuff, Rebecca. Rebecca soon finds that Hufflepuff are the most fun house their is with our their weird Hufflepuff party's, and how much they prank other kids. Even though Rebecca isn't too happy about going to Hufflepuff at first.


8. The hat.

It was my turn. I walked up to the hat. It was old but it must be wise. The teacher sat me down and put the hat on my head. Before it was on my head I thought it would be heavy but it felt like nothing. Everyone was looking up at me. I could see my brothers and sisters looking up at me. Their faces were plain. I saw Tasha and Mike giving me smiles and thumbs up.

Then the hat started to talk. "Let's see here nice and caring..." Smart too I said in my head. "Not as smart as a Ravenclaw..." Not as smart! I am in Ravenclaw come on dumb hat! "Not as brave..." Put me in Ravenclaw already! The hat sighed as if thinking.

I didn't picture it taking this long to put me in Ravenclaw. My family was looking up at me and I needed to show I was a Ravenclaw already! Hopefully me and my Ravenclaw buddies will find a way to laugh about this later. Tasha and Mike were still smiling up at me.

It was weird Tasha and Mike were still smiling even though I told them I was in Ravenclaw but my family looked mad. No not mad at me mad at the hat. Of course they were mad because of that dumb hat! They knew I was in Ravenclaw and just like me they wanted to throw the hat down and step all over it. And poor Tasha and Mike they must be hanging of hope that I would become a Hufflepuff.

Some of the girl Ravenclaws were yawning and my family was giving me a sigh that meant hurry up. Come on hat just say Ravenclaw! "I'm sorry but Ravenclaw wouldn't suit you know this is very picky." Ravenclaw, books, Ravenclaw, study, Ravenclaw, come on I said over and over to myself and my head. Now not just the Ravenclaws were bored but everyone. "Hurry up!" Someone yelled. I looked over at Tasha and Mike they were still giving me the thumbs up.

Finally the hat started to talk. "HUFFLEPUFF!"


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