The Hufflepuff Party

This story is about the life of Hufflepuff, Rebecca. Rebecca soon finds that Hufflepuff are the most fun house their is with our their weird Hufflepuff party's, and how much they prank other kids. Even though Rebecca isn't too happy about going to Hufflepuff at first.


11. The dorms.

I was so tired after the wicked party I went right to my dorm. I was on the top buck and Tasha spelt right under me. I unpacked my bag that was on my bed and sat down. I looked at the bottom of my bag and saw Ravenclaw's way and a Ravenclaw poster. I threw the book across the room at the wall and I ripped the poster. I felt happy. Hufflepuff happy.

I fell asleep and had a weird dream. I was sitting down on a Ravenclaw bed. I was dressed in a Ravenclaw outfit while I put on my tie. I grabbed my books and walked out. On all my papers had A+. A boy-Chase came up to me and started laughing at me. Soon a group started to form. They laughed then I saw that they were dressed in black and gold.

I woke up. It was the middle of the night. I looked down at the Ravenclaw poster laying on the ground. I jumped down and hurt my leg. The sound of me on the ground woke up Tasha and my other room mates Katie and Flutter. "What's going?!" Asked Katie. I shook my head and climbed  back up to my bed. Tasha looked at the poster on the ground and laughed. "Wow you must hate Ravenclaw." I nodded and laid down.

"Hey let's do something fun." Flutter said randomly but we all nodded and got out of bed. We all put on clocks and left the dorm. It was dark and we had no idea where we were going. We wonder about the hallways going no where really. We stopped on a stair case and tried to figure out where to go next. But then the stairs started to move!

We all screamed. We grabbed one another. It was dark and we were moving. Please help us someone I thought. Then someone did. The lights turned on and thousands of people came to see what happened. Tasha still looked scared and Flutter fainted. Katie stood there as if she was turned to stone. One by one people started to laugh and laugh and laugh.

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