The Hufflepuff Party

This story is about the life of Hufflepuff, Rebecca. Rebecca soon finds that Hufflepuff are the most fun house their is with our their weird Hufflepuff party's, and how much they prank other kids. Even though Rebecca isn't too happy about going to Hufflepuff at first.


9. My life is gone, I'm dead.

NO NO NO! This can't be happening! The hat didn't say Hufflepuff it said Ravenclaw! But then why were the Hufflepuffs clapping and why was I walking over to them! I might as well be dead! I didn't stop to look at my family.  All I could see were black and yellow colors everywhere. NO NO NO! I sat down and barely listened to all the other kids who got sorted.

I didn't listen to the headmaster either. All I could think was my life was gone, and I'm dead. I didn't eat or listen to Mike and Tasha try to talk to me. I just sat there. I wasn't even in the mood to watch the food go and the ice cream come up.

The thing was I liked Hufflepuff. I would have be glad and happy to come to their house if it wasn't for my family. My family had spent most of their time getting all their kids into Ravenclaw. It felt like I failed them. I wouldn't matter anymore to them just like my old grandma. If I had a different family I wouldn't want to be in Ravenclaw. I would have liked Hufflepuff better.

The thing is all my life my family told me about all how the other house were boring or dumb. They would say I was bad if I acted like any other house. I don't know what I will do when I come home. My mom will never look at me the same. I should have knew that Ravenclaw just wasn't right all I wanted was for my family to be proud.

Before I was just another kid and I was fine with that in my family but now who would I be? Would I be kicked out like grandma? Maybe there were other kids in my family who were Hufflepuffs that I never knew about? Or what if I couldn't even stay for a year at Hogwarts and had to come back to be their maid or something?

My life is gone I'm dead.

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